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Stuff Adult Leaders Say Tee Shirt

I am posting this to those who read this  blog to help out a fellow Scouter get a really cool shirt made.  No one is profiting from this endeavour except the people who order and wear the shirt.  Be the … Continue reading

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It’s not a Scout thing

In and earlier posting about being ready, I made a statement right at the end of “It’s not a Scout thing”.  I want to say that I know what I was saying at this point, and the closest that I … Continue reading

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Trained Tactical Scouters

Tactical Scouters:  Combat troops, together with any service troops required for their direct support, who are organized under one commander to operate as a unit and engage the enemy in combat.In the Scouting world this would translate to: Scouters who … Continue reading

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The Silver Pretzel

Last night at the Pioneer District Dinner, the District Awards were handed out.   It was a great time to reflect upon what the Scout Units did over the past year.  The District Chairman and Commissioner gave their thoughts.  Our Exec … Continue reading

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BALOO for you!

A friend and fellow Scouter up in the Seattle Council put on a BALOO training the other week.  He just published a blog about it and included his Powerpoint slides for it.  It’s Great!  This is something that I have … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors

In my last post, it was about The Portland Outdoor School and what School District and City of Portland is doing with it.  Like I have said, it’s not a bad thing and it should be there and funded properly.  … Continue reading

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Two years later

Back in 2010, there was a landmark case that changed the Boy Scouts of America.  It was the case of a former Scout charging he was sexually abused by a Scoutmaster in the Troop back in the 1970’s.  I wrote … Continue reading

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