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Wood Badge W1-492-17-2 “The Wave”

September 18th marks 30 days after I first reported to Gilwell for the W1-492-17-2 course at Butte Creek.  It was time for the Gilwell staff to come together for pre-course and transform Butte Creek into Gilwell for our 43 soon … Continue reading

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Life after Wood Badge

  Life after Wood Badge?  Huh?  I got my Beads and did my time.   Yes, it is true.  There is life after Wood Badge.  Some might travel to Philmont and take the Philmont Leadership Challenge.  However, if you are not … Continue reading

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Back to Gilwell 2014

  I was asked to be a guest presenter at the W1-492-14 day 4 of Wood Badge for the Cascade Pacific Council.  This weekend for about 19 hours, I was on Gilwell Field.  I staffed in 2011 as a Troop … Continue reading

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Three Years Later

Several years ago while I was going through Wood Badge, the BSA had the 100 Year Celebration Patch that could be earned.  It became a ticket item for me.   I knew it would be a good thing for the Scouts … Continue reading

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Wood Badge for the Deaf

Just watch and understand.  (If you view on Youtube you can see the captioning if set-up correctly) I am just blown away by this.

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The Den Leader Book

I am not a Pack Trainer.  I am a Trainer in my day job and somehow I got sucked into being the District Training Chair.  So, why have a picture of the Pack Trainer patch on the blog?  Well, it’s … Continue reading

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Advancement 101 #100daysofscouting

Here is one area of Scouting that can really tweak people.  Advancement.   I am not going to get into the parents who say that Bobby Bear or Waldo Webelos has completed this or that and you know that they have … Continue reading

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