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The Key to the Position

Within in anything, there is a KEY!  Something that helps you unlock the answer or help that you need to do the job or complete the process that is being worked on. With all the positions I have taken within … Continue reading

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Advancement at the Park

This weekend several Scouts of T150 got out to Gabriel Park to complete a few lingering Tenderfoot requirements and also to work on Orienteering.  While T150 has had a lot of Camping events over the last four months, not every … Continue reading

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Paracord 550

This summer I took on a new fun hobby.  Using Paracord to create lanyard, key fobs, bracelets and other items.   I have always been fascinated with knots.  I know a few knots and use them often.  Most of the paracord … Continue reading

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Knot Again

  There are several posts and threads on many different forums on the Internet about Knots.  I most recently wrote one in July of 2012.  That post and ones linked to it talked about how the Boy Scouts of America … Continue reading

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The Rope Ladder

The other day Elliot came to me while I was working in my office asking for rope.  Oh, wonderful.  I wonder what he’s up to now. After several questions, he told me he wanted to build a rope ladder.   Puzzled, … Continue reading

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Adult Training & Key Knots 2012

In several past post‘s I have talked about Knots that are either awarded or earned by an Adult Volunteer.   I also wrote an email to the BSA directly about their changing of the knots.   I got a tad grumpy about … Continue reading

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The Silver Pretzel

Last night at the Pioneer District Dinner, the District Awards were handed out.   It was a great time to reflect upon what the Scout Units did over the past year.  The District Chairman and Commissioner gave their thoughts.  Our Exec … Continue reading

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