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The Key to the Position

Within in anything, there is a KEY!  Something that helps you unlock the answer or help that you need to do the job or complete the process that is being worked on. With all the positions I have taken within … Continue reading

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Fundamentals of Training

I took the Fundamentals of Training in the Calapooia District.  It is about 60 miles from my house and I drove through another District to get there. Fundamentals of Training is part one of a three part series of helping … Continue reading

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Insight to a National Process

I have always been interested in how things work.  Be it mechanical or within an organization or a team.  I like seeing what is happening behind the scene.  Being asked to be part of a team is great.  So far, … Continue reading

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World’s Greatest Webelos Den Leader

Ever have that one person that just wants to make you better than you are at something?  I showed up at a Join Night back in 2008 and somehow figured out I wanted to be a Tiger Den Leader.  But … Continue reading

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A Night of Wood Badge 2016

This is the third year for a Wood Badge Dinner.  It was something that I had asked about ever since I went through in 2009.  Now, it is a staple of annual events within Cascade Pacific Council.  The first dinner … Continue reading

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CAMPING 2015 Cubscout Style

I have finally reviewed a lot of the requirements that are coming into effect June 1st 2015.  Our Council held a 4 hour class on the changes.  Two Commissioners went to the Philmont Training Center over the summer and learned … Continue reading

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Pack Journey to Excellence 2014

  Every government, company, business, internal department, office, project, client and employee has metrics to live by and report.  I just got done with my annual review and projection for 2014.  The Boy Scouts of America is no different.  The … Continue reading

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