First Eagle Board of 2017

IMG_0248I was again an Eagle Board Chair for a wonderful and deserving Scout on Jan 19th.  It is my first Eagle Board of 2017.  Each Board of Review is different and memorable.   As Board Chair I reserve the Scoutmaster Conference for myself at the end.  I let the other two people on the board pick the areas of questions they want.  There are a total of six.  I usually end up with the questions about Reverent.

The night was great since there were six Eagle Boards covering three Troops.  Two Troops had two each.  A lot of Moms and Dads were there waiting to see what the outcome for the sons would be.  Much like waiting room in the delivery.  You know it’s coming….but the pressure of not knowing is tense.  And fun.

Our Scout did not disappoint.  He had stories.  The Parents had stories as did the Scoutmaster.  I call it dirt.  The Board wants to hear about the journey, the Eagle Project, things he did not like, what he liked, what failed and how they grew through the whole process.

This Scout loves Water, the Outdoors and his friends within the Troop.  He knows and observes God in all things.  It is a humbling experience to hear how an 18 year old sees God and where.  He can take a few moments while on the water soaking in all the peace and then a split second later ram his kayak into his buddies and have a water fight.

One of the questions I ask is “How would you get a buddy of yours to join the Troop.  Meaning a buddy that has never been in Cubscouts and has no clue what Scouting is all about.”  He answered “Guns, Knives and Fire.”  Ok…please expand upon this.  He basically explained that Scouting allowed him to go shoot guns at camp, whittle and use fire to cook food.  He got to do this with his friends.  It was a funny explanation.  One that I will remember.

As to what Merit Badge he liked the most, which when asked how has Scouting helped him, it was Cooking.  He explained that his first campout the Grubmaster figured one serving of everything for the Patrol.  Which ended up with not enough spaghetti for the 12 Scouts and a half of a poptart for each person.  His last camp out when he was in charge, everyone had enough food and the patrol said it was the best ever.  STEW!

The process of Scouting works.  It shapes these boys into adults that can take their past experinces and use them for guidence.

This Eagle Scout will do well.

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