Sunday 11/18 ROTA QSO

BLpic512-300x184.pngThe Cascade Pacific Council Council’s at this point unofficial Amateur Radio Group met Sunday 11/20 at 4pm.  At our Thursday night meeting we agreed that moving it would be a good idea.  We need to get more people aware and involved.  The later time on Tuesday night had a lot of Scouts in bed.

If you want to listen to the “Round Table on the Air “(ROTA), we have recorded it and made it available here.

Last week’s ROTA had about 3-5 different people check in.  Today’s ROTA had about 10-12 with 9 Bear Cubscouts from Pack 195 check in while they were finishing up a Nature Hike at the Tualatin Wildlife Preserve.   Several other units checked in and described their weekend outings that they went on.  These covered Camp Meriweather, Stubb Stewart State Park, The Ape Caves and a hike on Mt Tabor.

Several suggestions of how to support Amateur Radio is to provide what Requirements could be covered by Amatuer Radio  and what Repeaters are close to Scout Properties.  Also, if there is a way to provide support for the Scouts to check in with someone on a coordinated time so the person is not just calling CQ CQ and hoping to find someone.

Overall, tonight’s ROTA was huge success from last weeks due to the participation.  We filled 50 minutes instead of 25 minutes of the net.

After the Net was closed an Official from ARRG, whose Repeater we use came on and offered assistance and support for this Net.  He was happy that this Net is here and will help as they can.

This week’s photo is from an article about Ham Radio and Scouting.

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