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w2mtlOn Thursday 11/18 eight Scouters and a Scout met in the Skyloo room at Cascade Pacific Council to discuss how to bring Ham Radio into Scouting in the area.  There is a BSA National Amateur Radio Group, however the old group within Council is not operational at this time.

There is already a Facebook Group and a Weekly Net for discussing these topics and more.   We decided to come together face to face to meet and to start the process of making things happen.

The group that assembled has a great amount of experience in many different areas of Ham Radio.  This includes Digital, Fox Hunting, Building Raspberry Pi and CERT.  One of the Scouters is on the National Amateur Radio Team for the 2017 BSA Jamboree.capture

We all agree that getting Ham Radio Stations to Camporees and Webelos Woods is important.  We will be coordinating more so we can talk between them. We also believe that holding a Radio Merit Badge STEM Event that also includes the Cub scouts needs to happen.  Of our other ideas is that we will create a QSO Card that we can hand out with our information when we make contact with other Scouts and Scouters to tell about our group.  Which led to having a Roundtable event that we would link up and have check-ins from each District’s Roundtable that month.

After coming together, I realized that the group assembled we have a lot of resources that can be tapped into to help both the Council, District and Unit bring Amateur Radio to all.  Plus, the help and support we can give to those groups is exactly what they are looking for.  This is a win-win solution.  Which is already evident in the fact that a local Amateur Radio Group is looking into sponsoring an Amateur Radio Exploring Post!


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  1. Russ Mickiewicz says:

    I’m your guy. I’m still on the BSA National Radio Committee and K2BSA staff and also the assistant Oregon Section manager for Youth and Mentoring. Let me know how I can help.


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