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jte-goldI have always been interested in how things work.  Be it mechanical or within an organization or a team.  I like seeing what is happening behind the scene.  Being asked to be part of a team is great.  So far, I have been at the unit, district and council level.  Today, I was able to be on the National level.  Not a huge thing or something that change the world.  But, it was my first glimpse into how things work.

I was contacted by the Scout Executive of Cascade Pacific to be on a Focus group conference call for the 2017 Journey to Excellence.  I was asked to give input on what I liked and did not like about it.  Also asked for suggestions.  Outside of the one National Professional, all attendees were volunteers.  Area Commissioners, Council Commissioners and others.

We all agreed that what was there on the 2016 sheets is good.  We wanted more of a tie into Commissioner Tools via JTE.  Scoutbook is intergrating into many more systems and will start to provide JTE based info.  National will start to funnel more data to Scoutbook for JTE information.  Currently for those units who do do JTE, a lot of calls to the District Executive take place and that info is hard to track down.

There is a training video coming about what JTE is and what it is for. The Training Team is putting that together.  This will help get the word out to the units that just do not do it. It also helps those Councils and Districts that cannot get the word out for various reasons.  Not everyone goes to Roundtable.

One of my suggestions was to include wording about having the Key Three of each unit fully Trained for their position.  It was received well, but  one person pointed out that the Charter Org Rep person  may not feel the need to get Trained or resist or the District just not do the Training.   The JTE is not there to lay down the law of things that you NEED to do.  It is suggestions.  So, Committee Chair was agreed upon with the Scoutmaster/Cubmaster and other Main Leaders.

I also suggested that a Unit Commissioner should be included in the Budget and Planning section.  Again, greeted warmly, but it was pointed out that if a District did not have a UC to provide that it would impact the unit in the negative.  Much like not faulting a Scout due to an Adult’s failure to provide or not to.  So, wording to the affect is to forward an invite to the UC to come to meeting.

Overall, it was fun to see how many other Scouters work at different levels within Scouting to provide a program and processes for all.  Also hearing about things coming down the pipeline is exciting.

This meeting and talking to Tico Perez at the Western Region Training Conference last November, a deeper understanding of what JTE is all about is getting clearer.  It is to help the Unit explain to the District, Council and National understand how the program is working.  It is also to help the Unit have an idea what to do so they can some guidance outside of position specific training on what to do.

The goal is not to achieve Gold, but to better the Unit on and ongoing process.  Not every Scout will attain Eagle.  If that was the case, Eagle would not be as special.  Not all all Units will be Gold.

Finally, did you know that only 10% of all Eagle Scouts earn one Eagle Palm?  So, if there are 50 Thousand Eagles this year, only 5000 earned a Palm.  Want to know more about Eagle Palms?


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