Order of the Arrow Troop Operations

icon-oa-troop-representative-adviserOne of my positions within the Troop is the Ast Scoutmaster for the Order of the Arrow.  I am the advisor for the OA Troop Rep.  I gained this position last year after I was inducted into the OA.

During this past year, I spent time working with one youth on trying to get him to step-up to be the OA Troop Rep.  He ended up being the Patrol Leader for his POR and that is fine.

Our Troop is very much like many within the BSA when it comes to the Order of the Arrow.  A lot of Sash and Dash Scouts who do not complete or even entertain going for their Brotherhood.  We have about 10-13 Scouts who could get their Brotherhood this year.  I am not too sure on why our Troop has not been so active within the local Chapter of the OA.  My overall thought is, it just never has been important enough and no one has put a spotlight on it.

However, during this past Ordeal weekend the Scouts really got a good taste of it and are excited to continue.  Several of them asked about how to get their fellow Scout who could not make it, through.  Two Scouts want to be the Elangomat for an upcoming Ordeal.  They had a few questions that I was able to answer.  That brought smiles to their faces.  Another Scout stated that he wanted to be a ceremonialist within the Chapter.

During the closing dinner and award ceremony the Lodge explained and described many of the other events that are coming up.  Leadership Development Conf, Conclave W-1S, Rendezvous, NAACS and NOAC 2018.  And for this year ARROWCORP 2016. Almost immediately many of the Scouts asked if we are going to Conclave.  I explained that is very possible and would be a lot of fun.

As I pointed out and reminded the Scouts, the first duty within the OA is Service to the Unit.  The OA Troop Rep is there to help the Unit, not just his fellow Arrowmen.  He is part of the PLC and acts like a Troop Guide/Instructor.  Also, he is to go to the OA Chapter Meetings, and bring back info about the Chapter and Lodge.  All Scouts are encouraged to attend meetings and other functions.  As I explained it to the Arrowmen, the OA Troop Rep is like the Patrol Leader for the OA within the Troop.

So, we are off to a good start for this year.  My goal is to get all the OA Events up on the Troop Calendar so the Troop can be aware of them and help enable those Arrowmen to go as they want to.


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