A Night of Wood Badge 2016

IMG_4077This is the third year for a Wood Badge Dinner.  It was something that I had asked about ever since I went through in 2009.  Now, it is a staple of annual events within Cascade Pacific Council.  The first dinner was actually a Wood Badge ticket item of a Professional at Council.  Now, it is a tradition.

For the past two years I have been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies.  Which, for me, is great fun.  Being a Cubmaster has paid off since I again get to lead a meeting that has a lot of fun.  It really is like a giant Blue & Gold!

This year, I actually put some thought into what I wanted to say and how I wanted to kick off the whole event.  I did not want to have a theme, but I wanted an understanding.

Within Wood Badge, there is a lot of talk of leaving a Legacy and doing something to better yourself, your unit and others.  This is how I started off the night.

“We are all here tonight because we were asked.  Asked by our son to take him to a Cubscout Join Night, asked to be a Leader by a Cubmaster, asked to be a Commissioner by another…we were asked to be here. The Ask is the simplest thing to do, but the hardest to accomplish.  We do not always think about Asking, and reflect back on why I was not Asked.|

“The smallest gesture can spark a life 
Kindle the courage to fight the good fight 
To get the picture look up at any star 
It doesn’t take much light to shine in the dark “

From Doesn’t Take Much Light David G Smith (NOAC 2015 Singer)

I explained that everything starts with an ask.  I recounted a story of how I was not asked to join a Troop.  A Troop that is now celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary.  It has held it’s meetings in a church that I was a member of for many many years, the Scouts camped at a lake that I went to every year and that the Scoutmaster had a Cabin at.  Also, that I saw and knew many of the people within the Troop.  I was only a Wolf for one year in 1976.  I was never asked to be a part of that Troop.

From that though of being asked, next up was the people who have not started the Wood Badge Association of Cascade Pacific Council.  Of, which I signed up that night as a Life Member.  Both Jerry Schleining and Steve Huffman asked everyone to join.  Both explained the reasons behind the Association.  It boils down to promoting Training within the Council and providing the resources to those who need support to make it happen.  This Association is also the sponsor of “A Night of Wood Badge.”  The Patch provided for signing up is shown above.

Food:  I am not sure why I did not take a photo of the food.  It was AWESOME!  Lacey Carroll is a genius and a fantastic Chef.  She is on Staff for one Course this year as Chef.  She was recently awarded the Silver Beaver for her work within Scouting and her volunteer work with other organizations.  I had the honor of being in the kitchen with her last year at Golda’s helping her put on that dinner.  It was a lot of fun.

IMG_4071After dinner, it was time for the beading of seven WoodBadge participants from 2014 and 2015 courses.   As with anything, it was a very special event and both Course Directors put their touches on awarding and presenting the Wood Badge Regalia.

Finally, it was time to wrap up A Night of Wood Badge.  Being the Master of Ceremonies and understanding that everything needed to wrap-up and connect from the beginning, middle and to the end, I had my Cubmaster Minute.  However, I was asked if we could remember a Wood Badger who had passed away.  We took a few moments for Skip Gaudreau, Jr.

I then ended with these words before the Gilwell Song was sung by all.

“Scouting is a journey that takes many paths to many destinations.  Not all are clear, short or known. Tonight we have heard about the beginning, waypoints and what a legacy can be.  It all starts with the smallest gesture that can spark a life.  Scouting never ends, it just adjusts course and keeps moving on.”

There were many stories shared that night, memories made, recounted and friendships made.  It was a good night.

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