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For regular readers and followers of this Blog, you will no doubt recognize this guy to my12219556_10207026093784239_3877748600976421156_n left.  Jerry Schleining-Jr.  I have known him as a friend since about 2009 after I took Wood Badge with one of his ASMs.  We have staffed Wood Badge together and have taught several courses.  If you see us in public together, you generally see to guys laughing hard.  Please, do not give us any Milk.  It will come out of our nose.

In his latest blog post about Social Media, He talks about the fact that both he and I were asked by Council to help spread Scoutings Story.  Particularly, Cascade Pacific Council’s Scouting story.

There is a lot to tell.  Jerry and I can are tasked with finding these stories and getting them out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs and Podcasts.  The stories we tell and help tell will get published out on all of the Social Media channels of Cascade Pacific Council.  Jim Bergman, the Social Media Manager at CPCBSA is helping us with that.  He is our Council Professional who asked us to help.

Through him, we found that CPCBSA is helping with other Councils to tell the Scouting story through  Go there.  Bookmark it.  Read about Scouts.

So, what about Podcasts?  Well, yes.  Jerry and I just finished our first Podcast of Compass Points Podcast.

So, listen to our first Podcast.  Send us Feedback and your stories.  WE WANT TO HEAR!

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