Troop 150 at 30

IMG_3225Just got home from an evening of fun and celebration with Troop 150.  It is the Troop that Elliot is in.  The Troop is 30 years old as of October 30th.

All four Scoutmasters were there.  Each had a few words to say about their time within the Troop.  Also a brief and colorful history of the Troop and how it began was given.    At one point the Troop had 90 Scouts on the roster.  The most ever Troop 150 took to a Summer Camp was 50 and it was to Camp Easton.

Another bit of info that I find interesting is where and how many times the Troop went to each Summer Camp.  Once to both Camp Fire Mountain and Pupukea (Hawaii), twice to Easton, three times to Camp Parsons & Camp Pioneer, four times to Camp Makualla, twice to Camp Cooper,  five times to Baldwin and Nine to IMG_3220Meriweather.   Troop 150 has been to Philmont several times and once to Seabase. The Troop has also gone on adventures to Victoria and Vancouver BC and into Glacier National Park several times.  The one thing that Troop 150 is known for within the District is the trips to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Six Flags in California.   Yes, Troop 150 has many experiences that get remembered over the years.  Scouting is a Game…. Oh, did I say that one year the Troop brought a bowling alley to Summer Camp?

Every Scout Unit has a history and the Adult Leaders work to preserve it and to carry on those traditions while providing the Scouting Program.  It is called Leaving a Legacy.  The Scouts, Scout Leaders and Parents have done just that.   The legacy of Troop 150 is colorful, very rich and a lot of fun.   I can see it within the photos from 1985 that started traditions that happen to this very day.  It is the journey within Scouting that binds and ties us together.IMG_3207

I can personally say that I have spent many hours talking to the Scoutmaster and Charter Org about why Troop 150 does it this way, that way and another way.  I listen to them and seek to understand “WHY”.   I hear the stories.  I have slowly gotten the history and why Troop 150 does what it does.  Tonight, I realized, that I am more apart of that history.  Slowly helping to make it, but also helping to bring it to the Scouts so they can create memories.

So, here is to another 30 years.  Here is to making another 30 years of memories along the Scouting Journey!  October 30th 2045 is approaching fast!  Maybe we can get to Camp Pupukea again?  Besides, Disney is happening again in 2017!  So, that will be fun!

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  1. I am inspired to create a proper history book for our pack. We are 60 years old in Scappoose, Oregon. Lots of people stop me around town to tell me that they used to volunteer for Pack 294. It’s a proud legacy.

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  2. Pets to Go says:

    By the way congratulations on your 30th anniversary.

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  3. Pets to Go says:

    Where is your troop 150 located? The Troop 150 I am a member of was first Chartered Oct 1, 1929. Located in the Kansas City Heart of America Council.

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