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10168096_765255140165165_569187411622711508_nIt is once again that time of year for the Cascade Pacific Council University of Scouting.  It is also the same time for the Youth to be Trained at Leadership Development Conference.  It is put on by the Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge of the Order of the Arrow.

For the past two years I am one of two Cub scout Co-Chairs that helped arrange and coordinate Cub Scout General Education classes.  It also marks my sixth year in teaching a course.  This year I am teaching the Charter Org Rep course that will actually count for being Fully Trained for the COR position!  After that, all you need is Youth Protection and you as the COR can wear the Trained Patch!

The University of Scouting, while it has some courses that actually count for “Official BSA Training”, the main reason for coming is to add onto what you already know.  The University of Scouting helps to give you an idea on how to better prepare and to expand the program you are working in.   Just like any position at work, there is continuing education that is needed to keep up on skills and to advance.  It is just the same within Scouting.  We are here to better ourselves and provide a better program to the Scouts and the Adults we serve.

If you are a longtime Scoutmaster, it is good to come and see how others provide Scoutmaster Conferences.  If you are new to being in the Varsity Program, it will help you to understand how to be better.  The same for Cubscouts.  With the huge change within the Cubscout Program, there are classes for the New Den Leader & Cubmaster.  As well as what are all the “New Adventures!”  If you have been recently “Called” within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there are classes on how to better understand the what the difference is between a Primary and Quorum to Scout Ranks!  These classes will help you translate Boy Scout to LDS!

This last year I took a lot of Cub Scout classes because I am the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and also Cub Scout Trainer.  Of which, I took two courses on Scouting within the LDS.  I learned so much.

This year, because I was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, I am taking the OA Troop Rep and Adults in the OA courses.  I am the Troop OA Advisor and it is part of my job to help the OA Troop Rep.  Which in our Troop there has not been a lot of activity within the Scouts who where tapped out.  All the current Arrowmen along with myself are just Ordeal.  Several of the Adults including the Scoutmaster are Brotherhood.

There are a lot of other courses that you can sign-up for at the University of Scouting.
Here is a video on how to sign-up as the registration system has changed at Cascade Pacific.

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  1. Adam R. Cox says:

    You are welcome. I am pitching it to our Troop as well! We had three last year go.


  2. dlloseke says:

    Thanks for the pitch for the youth leadership development. We have changed it around this year to offer new scout training, advanced training, and venturing training. Coming to University of Scouting? Bring your scouts too!

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