IMG_1376It is that time within most every Council starts to sell Popcorn.  Cascade Pacific Council is no different.  This was Elliot when he was a Wolf in Pack 221.

There are many ways to sell Popcorn, and this site will give you a lot of pointers.  I wanted to give you a few pointers myself after going through Popcorn Season a few times.

There are a few things you will need.  First, a cute Cub Scout who wants a Marsh mellow Blaster!  Or whatever the Council is giving as the prize.  Second, you need product.  Yes, the Council has everything you want.  Get it.  But, do not get TOO MUCH.  The more you have and what is not sold has to go back to Council.

Your Treasurer and Popcorn Kernal will thank you for either Selling EVERYTHING or 12023173_10206659310854948_120207026_nnot ordering a lot.  If this is your Pack’s first time in selling Popcorn.  Do not order a lot.

Places to sell.  There are generally three places that you want to focus on selling.
First, you want to get all the neighbors in your area.  Hit the streets that you can ride bikes around.  Be in the area that is close to your Elementary School.  Going outside of your area may get you sales, but people want to know if you live on their street or go to the school.

Second: Stores and Retail locations.  Your District Popcorn Kernal will DSC_5455have a list of places that you can sign-up for to sell at.  Go off that list.  Do not go to locations, and just set-up.  Many other Packs may have already signed up for that area and time.  Many a turf war was started by parents in the parking lot.

Calls to the District Executive follow and those are just no fun.  Some Districts may think that that store is in their area when it is not.  If two units show up at the same time, split the entry ways and make the best of it.

If you have cardboard that you put photos of what the Pack does with the money and also events, bring those.  People like to see what you do.  These boards can be used again during Join Nights and Back to School events.

12041789_10206664034533037_2125795622_nCharter Organizations:  If the Pack is sponsored by a Church or Service Organization, then ask your Charter Org Rep to get time in the area.  Again, you need a cute Scout.

Online sales:  The online promotion of selling has only gotten easier to do.  Yes, you need to include what the Council provides so the order can be processed easier.  This is the time to find every long lost Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandfather, Grandmother and if you are still friends your Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend.  You know, the one you did not marry!

Another selling tip: If this is your first year in selling.  Keep a copy of the sale sheet.  Use that for next year’s sales.  If you have a sister who is in Girl Scouts..you know the Younger Venture Crew types, get their list.  Sell to them.  I suspect your sister will use your list as well.  It is all to support Scouting!

Say Thank you.  Say Thank you when someone buys and when someone does not.  Smile.    Scouts are Friendly, Kind and Courteous.

Happy Selling!

I big thank you to the Martin Family of Pack 199 in Three Rivers District from the Cascade Pacific Council.  I asked if I could use photos he posted and was graciously given the OK to do so.  The Martin family has two boys in the Pack.  David is the Cubmaster and his wife is the Committee Chair.

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