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icon-oa-troop-representative-adviserI am Troop 150’s Order of the Arrow’s Adviser.  I was just elected by the Troop this Spring and my Ordeal was the June 5th weekend at Camp Cooper.  Two other Scouts were elected by their fellow Scouts as well. There is so much to learn.  But, there is so much fun.  And the whole Ordeal Weekend was just so amazing.  It is not just another patch or handshake.

So, I am on a new path.  I am the Troop Representative Adviser.  I get to help the Troop Rep figure out his path.  Wow, blind leading the blind!

While our Troop has it’s share of Arrowmen, the only one who is Brotherhood is our Scoutmaster.  Several of the other Adult Leaders are Brotherhood, but are not active nor registered.  See the issue?  Notice I did not say Problem.  I am not sure that it is Sash n Dash, but it’s just not going back.  Hence, our starting back to Chapter Meetings and learning more about the Order of the Arrow.

I just sent our impending OA Troop Rep an email with a copy to his Dad and the Scoutmaster with a few bits of advice and an Ask.  I asked him to read the Troop Rep POR, I also asked him to come at short notice to the Chapter Meeting this Thursday Night.  I also explained that once we work through his understanding and commitment to the position, we can move forward to informing the Chapter and getting is Position of Responsibility started.

Both of us have a lot of learning to do.  It will be a great journey.  #DareToDo

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2 Responses to OA Troop Rep & Advisor #DareToDo

  1. Scoutmaster Shawn says:

    You have to make them want it, leave it out there for them to take. Think 5-star meal vs. buffet. If you believe it’s such an honor, which it is, then make it so. Start off by taking the non-active ones, the ones who haven’t gone to anything, and letting them know to take the patch off their shirt. That’s right, take it off. You ain’t payin’ or participatin’, you ain’t wearing. Shame them.

    Get your brotherhood next year. Then you and your SM can tag team the others.

    Use the phrase “it’s an OA thing, you wouldn’t get it”.

    Make sure you use the OA handclasp to members only…maybe even do it to a non-member, and play the “oh, wrong handshake” game.

    Talk about wimachtendienk wingolauchsik and witahemui.

    Use the term “Sealing your membership in the Order” by completing their Brotherhood. Gives them the feeling that even they did their ordeal, they aren’t done yet.

    All subtle hints to get those OA juices flowing. I did it, and it works well.

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  2. Carl says:

    Great job Adam. OA is literally half of Scouting. The Mudds brought me a bag of dirt from the site of the first ceremony at Treasure Island. They had it at NOAC.

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