Called out

Within the Scouting movment, we take a lot of training.  Some very boring and some very inspiring.  There are the mandated ones and ones we take for fun.  Some we will never really ever use and some we hope to never use.

I have taken the First Aid, CPR, AED atleast two to three times.  I have also taken Wilderness First Aid.  All sadly right now are out of date.    I have only really had to rely upon my training once when I had just completed Wilderness First Aid and it was for my daughter.

The last time was during the California Adventure Trip with the Troop.  You never know when someone is going to need help.

The Scoutmaster, myself and two Scouts were off at a burger restaurant on the backside of Knotts Berryfarm eating.  The two Scouts needed food and one was one allergic to Peanuts.  So, with YPT in affect we hung out and got food.  During lunch a man, who turned out to be the Dad ran up to us asking if we knew First Aid and CPR.  The SM looked at me and said GO!   In grabbing my stuff that had my First Aid Kit in it, I thought…WHOLLY CRAP…WHAT IS CPR? DO I KNOW IT? I AM GOING TO DO CPR!

Getting to the site, I found a 12 year old girl who had fainted and hit her chin.  She was breathing, alert and awake.  As I came over to her, I kneeled down and told her my name and asked if I could help.  She said yes.  Dad was there and he said yes too.  I had an instant ice pack and gave it to her.  I held it on her neck saying this would help her cool down.

There are several questions you need to ask and I did.   What is her name, where are you, what have you eaten today?  Passed.  Asked her how she felt.  Asked her if she had anything to drink recently. (She was eating slowly an orange someone gave her as well as water.

I noticed the skinned chin and a dirty spot on her right shoulder.  So, I knew she went down hard.   I moved the ice pack to her chin and asked if she hurt in other spots.  She replied no.

Within the 6-10 minutes of getting onsite, Park Security showed up and started in with the same line of questioning.  The girl was feeling better, but still shaky and weak.  She was dehydrated as I had thought.  Soon after the Park EMT showed up and I let them take over.

I hung out and watched just in case, but I was not needed.  A few Scouts who saw what I was doing did ask me later what happened and what I did.  I explained it all to them.

This was my real first time that I was called upon to help.  In all the training I took, I never had the feeling that I had when I was helping.  I do not think that you can prepare yourself for that.  I am glad it was not Blood and CPR.

Now, I have to go get myself recertified in CPR, AED, First Aid and Wilderness First Aid.  I also need to work up my First Aid Kit.  It is lacking a bit since I have used it for band-aids, ice packs and other stuff.

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  1. JMF says:

    You’re a good man for stepping up when the call came!


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