80 Hours of Scouting

The Troop that Elliot is in has a regular trip to Southern California for 80 hours to Disneyland, Magic Mountain and Knotts Berry Farm over Presidents Day weekend.  This year was the year for it.  The trip will not happen for another three years.  Elliot was one of 17 Scouts and I was one of six adults who went.  The logistics were handled by a Troop Mom, who worked wonders.  Vans, Hotel, Flight and tickets for all three locations.  Myself and the Scoutmaster were the registered drivers, a ASM, our very own Surgeon (There is a Troop Patch for Physician!) and a parent.  We had all the bases covered.  Mind you everyone had to have the Medical Forms of Part A, B & C!

I have been to five years of Cubscout Summer camp and now lots of outings and many many overnights with Troop.  However, I have never been on a trip with 22 other people en mass via a flight along with getting them to and fro in one safe whole piece.   Our Scoutmaster has done the trip several times, as a Scout in the Troop and as an ASM.  However, this was his first time leading it as Scoutmaster and he was the ONLY ONE who had done it before.

No one died or got lost No real huge issues happened.  The only real thing was loosing a couple of Disney Park Hopper Tickets that caused us to get all tickets re-issued before getting in.  But, oh well…

I was very happy to go and very happy to return.  I knew that this was a journey and everyone would have fun.  But, what I struggled a bit with was, how does this relate to Boy Scouts?  What would they learn?  What would I learn and do?  Is this just to go see Disney and go on rides?

Nope!  Not at all.  Stay tuned for Lessons Learned.

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