Advancement at the Park

IMG_3061 This weekend several Scouts of T150 got out to Gabriel Park to complete a few lingering Tenderfoot requirements and also to work on Orienteering.  While T150 has had a lot of Camping events over the last four months, not every Scout went on all of them.

Two Scouts needed to work on cooking a meal, so they sat down and worked out a menu, went shopping and cooked it for the 15 Scouts and Scouters that were attending.   Grilled Ham & Cheese with Tomato soup with Orange juice!  The two Scouts ran into a few issues, but they overcame them.

While the Cooks were preparing lunch others worked on Lashings, Knots and how to put them together with poles.  Pretty fun since we had a Clove Hitch tying contest. 4.28 seconds was the final time for the Patrol Leader after several heats!    There was also a lot of basics of First Aid, Oath & Law and flag requirements.  These were many based upon, EDGE and then demonstrate for signatures as needed.

Our Scoutmaster contacted Columbia River Orienteering Club for maps of Gabriel Park.    The Scouts broke up into three patrols of 4 and completed the course after a session of how to read maps and how to judge distance.   Getting this course map was a bonus for the Troop, since now we can use this as needed and use it for training.  Which means the next time a Patrol wants to go work on Orienteering, the PL can use this.

This was a great event since the Troop’s COH is coming in December and several Scouts needed a few things to meet their next Rank.   At the last meeting we went had six BORs.  Three for Tenderfoot, 1 for Second and First Class and one for Star.  We think that 2-3 more BORs for Tenderfoot.

As for Elliot, he like me has a hard time memorizing.  So, his last requirement outside of the SMC and BOR is the repeat from memory the Scout Oath and Law.  We will be working on this.

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