University of Scouting 2014

IMG_3031   November 1st was the Cascade Pacific Council’s University of Scouting.  It was a blast.  I have gone to this event since 2009.  I have taught a class there every year since 2010.  This year I helped out on the Cub Scout side with being the Co-Chair.  Really it meant pestering several Scouters to be Instructors.   Something that I look forward in doing again next year. (Yes, Jackie & Karen…count me in.)

Each year I have a goal of what I want to learn and classes I want to take.  This year was no different.  But, it was in a way.  For the past three years I taught a Social Media class along with my friend Jerry Schleining Jr.  This year we both took time off.  I ended up taking on the Charter Org Rep class and being a Co-Chair for the Cub Scout instructors.  I figured that I needed to step-up and help.  My Co-Chair was Rocky Brown, who is just as fun a guy as you can surround yourself with.  He is a fellow Tiger Den Leader and Cubmaster that I met on the 2011 Wood Badge course.

My goal for being Co-Chair was to find, recruit as many Instructors as possible.  I also created a Facebook Page for the U of Scouting to help get the word out.  Using the University of Scouting Facebook site and also the Council’s Wood Badge Facebook Page helped in getting people who might not have known they could teach, to teach!

When I signed up for classes, I wanted to take the Intro to Scouting and Webelos Den Leader courses.  Yes, I would have finally been Trained for that position that I never had.  Since I am the Pioneer Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner and also a Unit Commissioner, I wanted more info about the program and also so I could help teach it better.  I took the first course, but skipped the Webelos DL part since I got into a good conversations with a few other Scouters.  Oh, and I hung out at the Wood Badge table helping convince people to go.

I ended up going to the Wood Badge informational class too.  David Martin from the W1-942-14 course had finished his Ticket and was awarded his Beads and Scarf during this class.  He is the first for 2014.  Pretty fun!

My main class that I wanted to attend was given by Sheryl Shake.  She wears so many hats at every level, that I will take anything she says as gospel.  She went to Philmont Training Center this summer for the 411 Class on the new Cubscout Program that is starting on Jun 1st 2015.  It’s the big big big change that is happening to the Cub Scout program in many many many many years.   A lot of the information that I got I knew, but getting refreshed was great.  I learned more about the LDS Transition section since I had not seen or paid attention to it.  As the CS RT Commissioner, I need this info.   The other take a ways were: Webelos & Arrow of Light Scouts requirements, Bobcat Requirement changes, the adding in of the Cyber Chip (good idea!) and the notice that all Beltloops/Pins will stop being made.

I quickly realized that with the transition process for the Arrow of Light Scouts will be tricky if you want to continue using the beltloops/pins.  Also that the LDS will have a tougher time due to their progression based program.  The LDS have Scouts move up within the Cubscouts (Primary) program on their Birthdays.

I also realized that this “issue” will be an issue for one year.  I think that by June 2016 everything will be converted over and the headaches will be gone for the most part.

Finally, the class that I gave.  I taught the “How to Train your Charter Org Rep” class.  I missed the boat on this.  I did not come at it as many thought it would be.  “Training the Charter Org Rep”  Course code D72.  I went in thinking that I would help tell people how to get people within their Charter Organization “Trained” and best practices.   It ended up on how to create a better relationship with your Charter Org, the COR and Institutional Head and why the Committee Chair and the Unit Key 3 need to talk more.  The great part was a District Exec and another Council/District person was there to help bounce/confirm what I was saying off of.  Since I have taken the COR training twice and read the material I was generally on target.  Next year, I will offer this class at the University of Scouting two times and get people certified/Trained for D72 for their position.  Overall, it was a breakthrough moment for many of the people in the class as well as myself.

Overall, it was a great day, time well spent and a chance for me to recharge my batteries.  I wasn’t visiting Gilwell, but it was a lot of fun.

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  1. Sam Dunkin says:

    I say that this is my favorite/best day of Scouting each year. Lois Lowe recruited me for Advancement Extravaganza in 2001, and I’ve come back ever since, teaching Star-To-Eagle and Eagle Service Projects.


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