Wb_course_firstC  Each year within Cascade Pacific Council like so many others, a course is held.  The W1-492-14 Course is as I write this, getting over their second weekend.  I was asked to be a guest presenter on Day 4 for the Generations section of the course.  Yipee!  I get to go back to Gilwell!

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you will know how fun Wood Badge is and how important it has been within my Scouting life.  Wood Badge training and information gained during the course is not just for Scouting, it is also for work and daily life.   Coming back as a Troop Guide in 2011 for the Bobwhite Patrol was an eye opener.  I had been asked in 2010, but could not due to work and life.

During the 2011 course, I releared and got refocused.  Yes, I knew what the goals of Wood Badge is supposed to do.  But, as I experienced it again as Staff, I learned more.

This time as a guest presenter I was removed from the hour to hour process and from the participants.  I was good with that.   I went to Staff Development that was held on site and overnight.  I got to know the new Troop Guides and reconnect with my fellow Critters.  We relived old times and I gained new ones.
I went about presenting an abbreviated version of the Generations presentation and asked for feedback.   And here is the change that happens.   Apparently within the 2012/2013 course the Generations Skit was dropped from the National Syllabus.  There was not a skit of each Generation.  This threw me for a loop.  I was not completely lost, but I was going back to 2011 and 2009 to get my bearings.  After working with the ASM and a few others, I got my footing.  Off I went to research and make my presentation my own.

Fast forward now to this past Friday.  It was Day 4 for Wood Badge and actually the Participants were just getting back to Gilwell that day.  I was on after lunch.   My believe that I was ready.  I learned that while the Syllabus stops at 2000, there is another Generation in our midst.  Elliot was born in 2001 and is now in the Troop starting his 2nd year.  There is a whole crop of people in a new yet really unnamed Generation.  I have heard they are called the Z or No Name Generation.  Taking this info and also that I could change what I wanted to do. I started to.  Wait….another change…  I knew I needed to get in touch with the Course Scribe.  She rules all and I wanted to make sure that all the items I needed were taken care of.  She confirmed that they were and that I would be providing the “Faces” part…. Um…what?

Spoiler Alert: No.. I will not give it away since others who have not gone to Wood Badge may read this.  What, I will say is that instead of using the Faces, I used music of that era to convey and get people into that mood.

Suffice to say, the music aspect of the 2014 Generations presentation, I think went well.  It got their attention and kept it.  I did run long in several spots and let the audience run with their ideas.  It was a great conversation and I hopefully delivered what was asked of me.

But, here is the crux of this post.  Change happens even within Generations and also Wood Badge courses.  Each course has its own theme, flavor, jokes and Inner Momentum.  No two courses are the same.  I saw the change from 2009 to 2014.  The goal of Wood Badge is the same, but the delivery and vibe are vastly different.  I was jealous not to experience the entire course.    I also was very happy to meet several of the participants and got their perspective.   I too learned something even though I was at Gilwell for only four hours.  A change in the Generations happens.  Stop and look or you might miss it.

DSC_01772011 Course Troop Guide Project

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