2014 Camporee

T150-2104-SpiritAward  During the first weekend of May, Pioneer District held their annual Camporee at Champeog State Park just outside of Newberg, OR.  This was my second Camporee.  Our first was with another Troop in 2013.   The Troop has gone to their annual Pre-Camporee a few weeks before to get ready.

Suffice to say that two patrols came away with high honors with Gumby edging out all the Patrols in the Camporee.  Overall, Troop 150 won the Spirit Award for the fourth time.  It is an award that travels between Troop to Troop over time.    Given the fact that there is a higher amount of newer Scouts than older ones, this is a great accomplishment!

IMG_1322During Camporee there is three hours of competition that cover: First Aid, Plant ID, Knots, Maps & Compass and finally Fire Building.  There is also the Campsite Inspection and the mystery Pioneering section.  We did host the Webelos II Den from Pack 221, of which with some help got their fire to burnt he string in 47 seconds.  The Gumby Patrol of T150 was second overall in 52 seconds.  Both the Webelos and Gumby earned the Burning Man Award!

IMG_1312The Pioneering event was very cool.  The object was to create a way to get the Troop over a 8ft wide spot in a river or over a canyon.  What ended up happening is the more than 8th foot bridge being built, but having it like a drawbridge that lowered to the other side.  All the other Troops made a bridge that had a stand on each side.  Impossible since we could not get to the other side until it was made.  The other great part is that the Webelos II Den did help out a bit.  Moving logs and rope around.  They all did get to walk across the bridge in the end.

Troop 150 did extend an invitation to the Pack 221 Webelos to attend Camporee.  At first, they were to spend the night.  It was the first time in a very long time apparently that the District did this.  It came to light later that via the BSA National rules that Webelos may not sleep over at a Camporee.  They may attend.  I had to look this up just to be sure.  Here is the info from Scouting.org:

The first is this: http://www.scouting.org/…/CubScoutOutdoorProgramGuideli… ”   The second link is from Guide to Safe Scouting: http://www.scouting.org/…/HealthandSafety/GSS/gss03.aspx IMG_1334

Suffice to say, if the Webelos did stay the night, they would have been incredibly wet and almost flooded out.  That is because it rained like it did for Noah’s Ark that night.  There were a lot of wet Scouts, but only two Scouts had to abandon their Tents before they floated away.

Overall, the entire weekend was a success.  A few minor First Aid treatments and questions about obtaining Hot Water for dishes happened.  The Troop also was invited to put on a special Flag Ceremony for the Champoeg State Park Weekend.  It was the 103rd Anniversary of the town Champoeg where Oregon became a State.

Troop 150 is looking forward to the 2015 Camporee!


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