Understanding the Troop Flavor

IMG_1066It’s Sunday night and I am back from  a weekend of camping with the Troop.  It was the annual shakedown Campout for Camporee in a month.  This was also the first campout with the Troop for Elliot and myself.  I was pretty eager to go since I had not a clue on how Troop 150 operated outside of the gym.

Boy was it fun!  First, I had never been to Camp Lewis.  Super great place for a Weekend Campout.  School was out on Friday, so many people went up after 1pm.  As one Scout said, 5 hours of more fun!  The rest came later.

The several Scouts were working on the new Cooking Merit Badge.  It all went pretty well, until it was realized Saturday night that they didn’t plan for Sunday breakfast.   The Adult Patrol rescued them with sharing our eggs and toast.

The Scouts worked on Knots, Lashing, First Aid, Plant ID and Orienteering.   The Scoutmaster brought back a tradition that he went through when he was in the Troop.  A Night Glow-Stick Orienteering Course.  That was fun!

Earlier in the evening, we had invited a Troop from Thunderbird District to share a campfire, skits and songs.  It turned out that I knew the Scoutmaster!  He was a Bear on the 2010 Wood Badge Course.

I saw several things that really made me like this Troop a lot more.  I also got to understand what and how a Troop operates.  I am still learning on how the flavor of this Troop is, compared to all the others.

First, they are keenly aware of advancement.  A lot of Scoutmaster Conferences were had with those working towards Scout.  I think seven or eight got that SMC and Rank.  Tenderfoot requirements for Elliot and his buddy were realized and the two high-ranking Scouts were notified to work with them.  We actually were planning a couple of sessions over the weekend, but due to time that did not happen.

Second, the Patrol Method worked.  It was messy at times, but the Scouts worked with each other and the Adults interceded at times.  Usually when a Scout tried to enter the Adult  Kitchen area.  Our tent area was in another section and they never went there.

Thirdly, I had and listened to many great conversations about how the Troop should do this, that and/or the other.  Better than a Troop Committee Meeting, we got ideas out there.

Finally, when putting all of this together, I watched Elliot.  I stopped myself from interacting with him.  I did point out a few things to him and asked how he was doing.  But, I left it to the Patrol Leaders and other Adults to correct him as needed.  Boy that was hard.  But, I saw him grow.  Did I want him more engaged at times.  Yes.  But, I resisted.  He got into it in his own way.  He also ate.  He is normally very picky, but the good thing was a lot of the food he liked.  He did not starve.

This was a good camp outing.  I got to know the Troop more and Elliot got be with the Troop.  This is really his first overnight since Camporee 2013.  He even stated on the way back that it was better than the last Camporee.  Which, is a massive improvement and statement.  His vision of Scouting was greatly affected by that last overnight.  He has come full circle.

It was a good weekend.

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  1. tim giorgi says:

    Hi Adam – Good to see you up at Camp Lewis. Enjoyed the campfire – sounds like you have found a good troop to be a part of!


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