Glowstick Orienteering

glowstickIn an earlier posting about a Scout Campout, I talked about Glowstick Orienteering.  I got a few requests via Twitter for more details.

After a quick email to the Scoutmaster, he replied with this: “Basically there were 10 glowsticks that correspond to the 10 Essential items.  Bearings were provided and then a very approximate number of paces to each point.  The idea was to put the glowstick somewhere it can be seen from within 20 feet or so, or inside some fairly obvious structure (like inside a KYBO door).  They somehow attached the name of an essential to each glowstick or something so that each patrol could write that down as they went.  This way they made sure the guys completed the course in the right order. The patrols were started 15-20 minutes apart with the hope of tracking total time to complete the course and naming a winner, but the sabotaging of the course for the third group screwed that part up.
I would add that some of the difficulty getting the guys started was because none of our older guys had done this before either since the last time the Troop had done this was 2008.  If we get back to doing it at least once a year on a campout or at summer camp, then the older guys will already know the game and it can go smoother/faster.”

I think that this a great event for a Campout for a Troop and even a Cub Scout Pack if it was made easier.

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