Tigers and Ham Radio

HamRadio-YP-SafeThe Tigers of my old Pack were “almost” done with all the requirements for their Tiger Badge.  They only needed to complete the 4G Communicate requirement.  Apparently they had a hard time getting into either a TV, Radio or Newspaper.  Luckily the Cubmaster sent me a note asking about if I could use my Ham Radio.  Excellent!  I get to help out Tigers!  They are so bouncy!

I loaded up my Ham Radios and all my antennas and headed out for the Den Meeting.  I took both my Yeasu 817ND (High Freq) and Yeasu VX-7 (VHF/UHF) Radios.  I also took my Buddiepole and Arrow Antenna.
I spent several minutes asking questions about how the Scout communicated.  Did they use phones.  Did they use iPhones?  Facetime or Skype?  They all did.

I then talked about what Morse Code was. Explained SOS and the Titanic.  Explained that people could send signals using flashlights.

Getting to the Ham Radios, I explained that when an emergency happens and no one can use cellphones or home phones because the towers are down and the telephone poles are broken, that Ham Radio can help.  We talked about the Mud Slide near Seattle and how Ham Radio is helping people.  We also talked about different types of emergencies.

I then demostrated the Yeasu 817ND unit.  Unfortunately on 15meters tonight, I could not raise anyone. I even used an app to see if people were talking.  No go.  So, I used the VX-7 and talked about what Repeaters are and how they were just like Cell Towers.   I made the call out asking for support after listening to a conversation.  We got a former Boy Scout who was listening and talked to all the Tigers.  One of the sisters who was at the meeting got to talk.  She’s a Girl Scout!

It was a good meeting and I got a chance to show Ham Radio to the Scouts and parents.    Before we started the meeting, I did show this video:


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