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IMG_0983  I was asked to be a guest presenter at the W1-492-14 day 4 of Wood Badge for the Cascade Pacific Council.  This weekend for about 19 hours, I was on Gilwell Field.  I staffed in 2011 as a Troop Guide for the Bobwhites.  You learn so much the first time you somewhat forget a lot of it.  You re-learn it while staffing.   Now, as a guest presenter I am learning more.

I will not go into the presentation that I am giving, but it is on Day 4.  The presentation itself has been re-written by National.   When I learned that I was going to give this presentation, I thought AWESOME!  Then I started remembering it when I was on course and on staff.  Both times we were at Camp Cooper for it.  We are at Camp Clark, which threw me a bit.   Once I got to Camp Clark, I was informed that the presentation itself was re-written by National.  Ok….getting lost, but “SIMPER GUMBY”.

I had really good conversations with the Admin Staff who enlightened me on the where it would be held and what changed.  Gotcha.  All good things hitIMG_0984 you like a ton of bricks, and this did.  It was good.  I have material and I worked through the bones of it in front of the Troop Guides and Admin Staff.  I came home and needed to Google and search Wikipedia for what I need.  I have awhile to put together all my notes and I think it will be great.

The other added bonus of my 19 hours at Gilwell, was reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  I had great conversations with several people.  For me, Wood Badge has opened more doors for me than I had ever thought.  A new ticket is being written.  And that is exciting.

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