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JTE203I just sent this out to my District’s Cub Scout Pack Key 3.  It is about April’s Cub Scout Roundtable Breakout Meeting.   I knew that in my planning of this year as the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, that I needed to have a breakout on this.   During the Commissioners College this weekend, it hit home even more.

The message was this.  “Be a friend to the Unit.  Provide something useful.  Make Roundtable worthy of coming.  Make it Fun.”  There were so many people doing fun and cool things at their Roundtables and other meetings, I go inspired.  If you make it fun and worth the time, people will come.

Hence, this email below.


Hello Key 3!

For the April Cub Scout breakout we are going to get a jump on Annual Planning!  Which, if you use the Journey to Excellence for Packs, you will see that one requirement is to have an Annual Pack Planning Committee Meeting!

We will go over what should happen during this process and give out pointers of what to do.

This will include:
Summer Camp
Summertime Pack Award (Bike Rodeo, Waterbottle Rockets, Hikes, BBQ)
Spring Round-up (Recruiting new Tigers from Kindergarten)
Fall Round-up   (When do you hold your Join Nights)
Pack Meetings Ideas: Pinewood Derby, First Aid, Blue & Gold, Crossover, Team Work, STEM, Camping, Outings, Skit Nights

Also, what Training is needed for those new Adult Volunteers and those continuing on.

Below are several links to the National BSA’s website that will help you get started thinking about what we will be talking about.

Having a good plan, list of meeting themes/topics and calendar of events will help communicate to the Committee, Scout Families and potential Cub Scouts/Parents who might want to join.  It will also help stop guessing what a Pack and Den will be doing next time.

Overall, it will help you create a program for your Pack that will provide learning and advancement through having a lot of FUN!

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