JTE Saves a Unit

JTE203I got this from an online forum that I read.  It talks about how Journey to Excellence saved the Cub Scout Pack.   Read what this Adult Volunteer did.  He took this as his list and made a target.



I know Journey to Excellence is often maligned here, but I think it’s really great. Our pack collapsed last year, my son had just joined as a Tiger and the old leadership threw in the towel. I was signed on as Tiger leader. The Bear leader stepped up a DL/CM, I stepped up as TL/ACM (later CC), and we went through and cleaned up our paper officers.

I grabbed JTE in March or April and started working down the checklist. We went to the formal Den Meeting/Pack Meeting split (prior to that, it was weekly Pack Meetings, with activities haphazard. I took tons of training, pushed the parents to do more training. Focused on the JTE goals (with a target of Bronze, we accidentally hit Gold).

Recruiting is key, it gets you non-burnt out parents and fresh scouts.
Retention is a sign of if you are doing things right or wrong.
Advancement: focusing on real advancement means the Cubs are learning and having fun.
Trained Leadership: SO key, it gets everyone to understand the program they are having.
Outdoor Activities: otherwise it becomes school work
Service Projects: making sure you do some fun ones makes the service part real
Trained Committee: last year, a paper committee. This year a real one, it’s helping spread the burden.

Regular Committee meetings, aiming for 6 because of JTE resulted in 3 summer planning meetings, and this year’s programming went smoothly.

JTE gives you the guide posts for running the back smoothly. I highly recommend starting there.

Recruit freshly, and find a real charter organization. We linked up with a Synagogue, and we do our kick-off alongside their Youth Program kickoff, our Pinewood Derby @ the Purim Carnival, and Space Derby @ Lag B’omer Bonfire. This raises our visibility in the community and gives us recruiting opportunities. We also put our announcement’s (achievements) in the Synagogue announcements, which helps raise our profile as well.

My wife also started up a Girl Scout Troop for the sisters. Now families can come with all their children, and it’s really helping.

Last year we had no Webelos, this year we started with 8 and will finish with 6, if 4 of them cross over into the Troop, those will be our first cross overs in three years.

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