A year ahead

Forward-thinking2013 is closed and in the books.  Many people have posted their list of things that they have done and conquered.  Now the lists of what I want to do start being created.

2013 was a very interesting year within Scouting.  I left the position of District Training Chair and became the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner.  I was asked to be on a Council Cubscout Training Committee and joined that.

My son earned his Arrow of Light, crossed over and attained the Scout badge.  He then left Scouting.  There are many various reasons to that.  My hope is that he rejoins.  He almost did with one Troop.  Scouting is a journey and he is on his own.  It is my hope that he does return.

My daughter is still in Girl Scouts and loves it.  She has a good time and the activities are good.  It’s Cookie Time so, I get to walk with her up and down the block.

So what are my plans for 2014 within Scouting?
I am focusing in on Cubscouts and District Events.  Our District lacks events for the Cubscouts themselves but also for the Direct Contact Leaders.  The DCL’s need more information that they can use.  So far, within Roundtable two good programs have been put on.  First was where to go for Go-See-Its and what requirements can be checked off for getting out.  I tied the talk to Beltloops and our own Council Segment program.  A neighboring District had a Go-See-It document that had a lot of ideas with what it would count towards.   All of this tied to my Cubmaster Hikes that I worked out for the past few years.  Our November Roundtable was all about the Religious Emblems that could be earned.  January is all about Pinewood Derby!

I have also started talking to SOLV, a non-profit program that helps people volunteer for conservation projects.  It is my intent to have a District Cubscout Conservation event.  Our Council has created a relationship with them for just this type of thing.

My other goal, which has yet to be realized is to have a JOTA/JOTI event and to bring Ham Radio to the Scouts.  To this end, I created a Facebook group called Scouting & Ham Radio.  Please join if your interested.  This covers all Scout Organizations.  Including BSA, Trail Life USA, Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, WAGGS, Heritage Girls and others.  To me, Scouting is Scouting and we are all brother and sister Scouts.

So, my focus is to have more fun, create fun and help educate those who create the Cubscout Program to have more fun.
My training goals are these: Re-certify for Eagle Board Chair, Re-certify for First Aid, AED & CPR and also Wilderness First Aid.  All are due.

As to family goals, there are a few.  Two main ones are: Find a good church and go regularly.

I normally do not like church.  Too organized and people telling me what to believe.  I somehow get to a service in the past that was all about fundraising.  Yuck.  The one quote that sticks with me about God and Money came from Bono:  “Well the God I believe in isn’t short of cash, mister.”   And Pope Francis is proving it.    All of this came about over Christmas when we went to a service with family friends.  It was a good service, kinda.  But the questions about who God is, why Jesus was sent to use left more questions for my kids than answers.  So, we will be looking for a good place that can help give this guidance.

The other goal is to start to give back more as a Family.  Easier said than done.  This will be easier to meet since I have a new position with my company that will take me off the road.  I will not be traveling across six states racking up frequent flyer miles and hotel points.   I have spent 11 years on the road.  My son Elliot is 12 and Rachel is 9.  Since we will be together more, we can do this.  Teaching my kids that money does not grow on trees is the main goal.  As is showing them that they are really very blessed.

Both of these goals could be looked at as being Reverent/Duty to God and Service Hours.  It’s not that.  While Scouting gives me a license to do that, we should be doing that anyway.  Within Scouting you can earn the Messengers of Peace patch for the Uniform.  Wonderful.  Is that all you are going to do?  Yes, Elliot and I have already earned it.  But it should be an ongoing thing.  Hence our goal is to find ways to volunteer and give back without asking anything in return.

So, that’s a big laundry list of things to do….  Hope to see you on the Air and on the trail!

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  1. Good stuff Adam. Your family and your district are lucky.


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