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PTC2013-Patch  This weekend was our Council’s University of Scouting.  We call it Program & Training Conference.  It is totally wicked!  As with anything there is change.  It used to be called Pow-wow.  I first went to Pow-Wow in 2009.  I should have gone in 2008.   I first went because it was part of my Woodbadge ticket.  I taught special awards for Scouters the following year in 2010.  I then taught a class on Social Media in 2011, 2012 and now in 2013.  The first two years were with Jerry Schliening.  He helped for the first class this year, but I was on my own for the second class.  He was pulling double duty with Trainer’s EDGE.

This years PTC was very special.  Several things were happening behind the scenes and also at PTC.  First, the Order of the Arrow put on a Leadership Development Conference for Scouts.  Secondly Cascade Pacific also put on Trainer’ EDGE.  And finally, COMIT95in15 happened along with the first time ever Cubscout Position Training.PTC2013

COMIT91in15 is Cascade Pacific’s big aim of getting every Cubscout Registered Adult Trained for their position and knowledgable about the Cubscout Program and what resources are out there.  Our fearless Leader of the COMIT95in15 Committee that I am a part of kicked off and explained what is all about.  To roughly 700 people.  (Hopefully they were all in the lunch room) that day.  While the last numbers are not really in yet, I believe 80 Cubscout Leaders got fully Trained for their position that day.  This is the first time since I joined in 2008 with my son that this has happened.  I also believe that six from Pioneer District got fully Trained.

This includes one person from a newly formed Cubscout Pack!  I also need to know that a new Cubmaster from a LDS Pack that I met at our Roundtable was there.  His email to me said it all “I thought the training yesterday was excellent! I had no idea it would be that big.  Definitely worth going. ”  He just got called by his church to serve and he stepped up and got trained!  YES!

My main focus during this PTC was to better understand the administrative side of Cub scouts.  As Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner, I know I will be asked basic questions of how the program works and other what if’s.  I took Internet Advancement, Job of the Pack Advancement Coordinator and Cubscout Advancement Basics.

Now, I think that I know a lot about Cubscout Advancement and the basic how-to of the program.  I don’t know everything, but I think that I have a good grasp of it.

Internet Advancement: I only used it a couple of times.  Our Pack used to use Packmaster.  Now they use Cubtrails.com.  FORGET PACKMASTER.  Use Cubtrails since it’s great to communicate and track advancement.  It should interface (when fully set-up correctly with Internet Advancement) just fine.  But, if your not using Internet Advancement….Call your District Exec, get the Access Code and info to login and set yourself up.  Record Keeping is made simpler with this portal.   The training that I saw, since the Trainer logged in live to his Pack’s Account is very easy.  Spend an hour or two learning the ins and outs and your set.  If you use Cubtrails or Scouttrack, you can make it even simpler.

The Job of the Pack Advancement Coordinator again pretty easy.  I did learn one thing that I didn’t know.  It is listed within the 2013 Guide to Advancement  on page 21 for Arrow Points ” Unused Bear badge achievements, or parts of achievements that were used for the Bear badge, may be counted toward Arrow Points. For example, in Bear Achievement 9, “What’s Cooking,” four of seven parts listed are required for the achievement. The other three may be used as   Arrow Points. Since 12 achievements will have been used to earn the Bear badge, electives may also be chosen from any of the remaining 12. For the Wolf badge, only electives may be used to earn Arrow Points. Once a boy moves to the next Cub Scouting rank level, he may not earn Arrow Points from the earlier rank”
To me, it makes sense.  Since I used Pack Master, it calculated the Arrow Points for me.  I did double-check the math as I went.  But that was under the old rules.   If you’re not using a software you might miss it.  So, thanks to Sheryl Shake for teaching me something!Sheryl also confirmed for me about the Cubscout year ending on June 1st via National.  Since Cubscout Units run generally on the school calendar and every State & city operates differently, this is the line in the sand.  Which really means that those Kindergartner’s are First Graders in the eyes of Scouting on June 1st.  Each Pack may graduate their Scouts on a different date to their next level, but this allows those kindergartener to register, get started on the journey of Scouting and get to Summercamp!But, what this also brings up is, if there is a Scout who for a Good Reason, needs extra time to complete his rank for that year, they can.There was several what if’s thrown out and examples.The main guiding principle is this….if a Scout is in a position that he wants time to earn his current rank, not because he joined very very late in the program, but due to a medical, parent or some other really good  reason and the Cubmaster & Den Leader know/confirm and follow-up then that Scout can work on it.  The Scout may not work on the next rank until he completes the current rank.Now, in my Pack that I was the Cubmaster for, I gave until August 31st for completion.  That is because school starts just after Labor Day in the School District we are in.   I had never ever had a Scout or Parent ask this.The last class was Cubscout Advancement Basic’s.  A good class.  Very basic and intended for those new to Cubscouts.  What I got out of it was how the LDS Church uses Cubscout Advancement.  I knew a few things, but it was better explained in this class.  The class that I am going to take next year is “Cubscouting in the LDS Church.”   It is a pretty interesting class and one that I need to know more about.  I am including a word document from the PTC CD that comes with the packet so those who want to know more, can learn more.  LDS Cub Scout Delivery Method  It is very informative!
Finally, the other main reason I go to these Training Events is to see all my great friends.  I talked with all of them.  Caught up with what’s going on with them and how they are doing.  I also got to listen to their stories and conversations that they had with others.    I met new people through that.    They say that Feedback is a gift, but Listening is a wonderful present.  So, thank you to those who let me listen in.   I learned a lot.For those who were not able to go to PTC, there is next year.  GO.  You will learn SO SO SO MUCH!Pictured to the right is myself, David and Jerry.  Three survivors of the five from the W1-492-11 Troop Guide Shack.  That Troop Guide Shack group was magical!

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