Compadres 2013

FirewaterThis last weekend was the first official Compadres since 2010.  There are several reasons why I stopped putting on Compadre’s.Compadres-CLR-meg-web  Just like within Scouting people have their circle of friends, I have a circle outside of Scouting.  I did not talk too much about Scouts.

We talked about family, friends, food, weather, stuff we did in the past and so much more.

The photo in this posting symbolizes Compadres.  It’s on our Crest as well.  The fire did not go out and is protected and burns within each Compadre.  It is nourished at all times.  It does not matter if that Compadre is in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Texas or Kentucky.

There is a season and cycle for all things.  Compadres is back and a new cycle starts.   My break is over and I am refreshed.  The weekend was very good even though it was the worst flooding ever in the campsite and it rained non-stop from Friday till now as I write this blog.

Take your friendships as you get them.  Keep them warm, fed and close.  For those are the ones that are the best.
While I have made a lot of great friends within Scouting, I have  a lot of great friends out of Scouting.  Which means, I just have a lot of Great Friends!

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