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ImageThis summer I took on a new fun hobby.  Using Paracord to create lanyard, key fobs, bracelets and other items.   I have always been fascinated with knots.  I know a few knots and use them often.  Most of the paracord knots really are not ones used out in the woods or tying down a load.  Not even one to tie up a roast come to think of it.

During my time within #Scoutnation, there are Troops that will make Survival Bracelets during their down time at camp or just do them.  They are fun and pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  I like making these bracelets since helps me be creative and make something useful.  I already have sent one-off to a classmate whose son is in the Army.  It was regular camo and pink camo color.  While I was on vacation, I made a few for my parents including lanyards.

My main goal with this hobby is to learn a new knot and or weave each week. This includes using a jig that my Brother in Law made for me or going freehand.  Both have their reasons for it.  I usually use the job when using buckles.  If, I am not, then I like using the Diamond Knot at the end.  It’s a very good-looking knot.

Several people have asked me where I get my stuff and how to do it.

First, where to buy:
In Portland, there is an Army Navy Store called Andy n Bax.  Go there.  If you have an Army Navy store in your area, go there.
Online: I first bought from Paracord Plant.  Just Google Paracord and you will get a lot of places to buy from.
Books: There are two books you need to buy.  Both are from J. D Lenzen.  They are Paracord Fusion Knots v1 & v2.  I have v1 via my ereader.  J.D also has a Decorative Fusion Knots as well.  I have that too.

Online Videos:  This is how I learn.  There are so many different blogs and online videos to watch, I find a new one all the time.

My top four are these:
J.D Lenzen: Website (Tying it all together) & Youtube.  I like the videos since they are made to understand and go fairly slowly to understand.
Kevin Gagne: “The Paracordist” Website & Youtube & Google+ Community  I really love the G+ Community.  The videos and website are great as well.  I just ordered some “fids” and a couple of metal clasps.  Kinda spendy, but I am testing them out.
Stormdane: Website Truth be told, this is the first guy I found when Googling on this topic.  I want to make watch bands from this guy.  His stuff is amazing.
Mr Coop: Facebook & Youtube  Ok, Mr Coop is just dang awesome.  He’s got a very cool jig that he has engineered up to version 5.0 now.  It’s genius.  I have yet to break down and buy one, but I am.   Note that my Brother in Law made me one.  Mr Coop will re-engineer the items from all the above and makes it simple to understand when I just can’t wrap my head around what the other guys are doing.

So, go find some rope, watch a video and start making Macrame.  Yup…that’s what this is.  Macrame.  Straight from the 1970s.  When my wife and another person pointed this out to me, I was a tad deflated.  But then I realized, I wasn’t making plant hangers and wall hangings.

Below are early samples of what I have done.   One of my goals is to create a bracelet that has a flint & steel with tinder.  Along with as much cord as possible.  I have seen designs for it.  I am working it out on how to make it.   I did get black reflective 550 Paracord.  Which, I think if your lost or hunkered down and using this cord, it will make the Search & Rescue people find you easier.  There is also Orange Reflective too.

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