Circle of Friends

IMG_0076  With the passage of the vote that was held to allow the LBGT Youth to officially be in the Boyscouts of America, there are a lot of hurt feelings of my fellow Scouts and Scouters.  This is hard for them.  Their belief of what Scouting is and should be isn’t what it is and should be in their eyes.

Some of them are leaving Scouting all together.  Others are staying the course because they believe in the program.

To those who are leaving, you are always welcome back since you were not asked to leave.

The friendship circle is something that I have done many times within Den and Pack Meetings.  You can do it as pictured, cross arms or use a section of rope with the joining knot.  I usually leave an opening for those who cannot be with us, those who have left and those you might just show up.

This is for those who are leaving…you are always welcomed back.

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2 Responses to Circle of Friends

  1. ScoutingManiac says:

    What is done is done, at this point their is no going back. The BSA made the decision yesterday and now we must deal with changes in membership. Unfortunately it is to be expected that some will drop and some will stay. All we can do is work to build Scouting.

    I am so sorry to those who feel they have to leave Scouting because of this change and I appreciate the service you have provided to Scouting.


  2. Craig says:

    As I read this, I got a phone call from one of my Webelos leaders. Due to his religious beliefs he’s pulling his son and himself out today. Damn that hurts, such a great youth who has a ton of potential. And a really good all around family. I echo your sentiment, they are always welcome back. I don’t take it personally. I am just thinking about the Scouts.


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