A Fishing Conversation

IMG_0963Today was a good day.  Debora and Rachel were off at Girl Scout Camp for an overnight.  That left Elliot and I to ourselves.  Saturday was about Baseball and Iron Man 3.  Though Baseball got canceled due to rain, we adjusted and had breakfast at Fat City.   I told Elliot that we were going for a hike on Sunday, because we were.

There was a Troop hike out in the Tillamook Forest, but that was 10 miles going UP.  It’s the normal monthly hike for those who are working on the Hiking Merit Badge.  I knew that Elliot would not be up for 10 miles.  So, I looked for a better hike.

I found the Mosier Twin Tunnels in the Columbia Gorge just past Hood River, OR.    This hike is about 70 miles from Portland.   Check the link for more information.  Next time I think we will bring the bikes since the trail keeps going on and on and on and a lot of bikers on it.
During this whole hike, Elliot and I talked about Hiking.  He stated that he will only hike if he can fish at the end of it.  Which really surprised me.  He is not a hiker and somewhat does not like camping for multiple days at a time.   I told him that we can fish anytime he wants.  We can go on the weekends.  I reminded him that we are going to East Rosebud Lake and that the best fishing is up the trail.   I would tell you more about the fishing at East Rosebud Lake, but that’s a secret! I explained that up around Broadwater, is what I consider very good.  We would have to camp overnight at Elk Lake or above Broadwater due to all the rocks. But that would allow us to fish all day, into the evening and the next day.  He was happy about that.

Elliot also told me that if he only had to do one sport that it would be fishing.  Ok, got the message.  Fishing!  To which, I pointed out that there are two merit badges that are based on fishing.   They are: Fishing and Fly Fishing.  They are both very similar, so doing both would be a good idea.  He read the requirements and thought he would.  Though, he wants to get some practice in before starting them.

On our way back to the trailhead, we spotted what turned out to be three hawks.  I could not tell what type though.  They kept running the ridge of the upward wind while we watched.  At one time they circled by us so fast we thought there were eight of them.  It was a great sight.  Something that I reminded Elliot about, if we didn’t hike today, we would not have seen it.

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