Three Years Later

bsa_badge_list_200w Several years ago while I was going through Wood Badge, the BSA had the 100 Year Celebration Patch that could be earned.  It became a ticket item for me.   I knew it would be a good thing for the Scouts to do.  It covered many areas and did get the Pack out doing something.

One of the requirements for the Adults under Character, was to perform a Good Deed Daily for seven days.  I decided to kick off the seven days with donating whole blood.  I had not done that for many many years.

After I donated and basically completed all the requirements for the 100 Year patch, I was done.  Or so I thought.

The Red Cross called and advised me that I was A- and a really good candidate for Apheresis.  I had no clue about what that was.  I quickly googled it and realized that it helps so many people.  Kids and Adults who are going through Cancer, Lymphoma and a lot more.

I said yes.  It is now about three years later and I am still going.  Yes, it’s been awhile since my last donation.  The Red Cross and even the local NPR station and other news outlets have talked about how incredibly short they are in Platelets.  Not just BLOOD, but what I give.

Even through the Hurricane Sandy, Newtown Shootings I thought about donating.  Hearing about the Boston Marathon Runners who kept running to the Hospital/Red Cross to donate made me think that I need to get in.

I am not sure what really put me over the edge to do it.  But, I got a call again from the Red Cross late last week.  They explained the issue and I made my appointment.  I let my boss know, who lives in Boston that I was doing this.  I also told her about my father who went through Chemo for Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma.  She gave me time off because of “Goodwill”.  I had already set it up through our vacation program to take the afternoon off.

So, I went because of my Dad.  I also went because I found out recently that a good friend of mine is now fighting Cancer.

Three years ago, I started donating because I wanted a silly patch and to help complete a ticket item for Wood Badge.  Wood Badge changed my life.  It also got me to the Red Cross and helped to save IMG_0924lives.

I ended up the donation yesterday with two full units of Platelets and one full unit of Plasma.  The last time I found out I almost donated 3 full Units of Platelets.

What do you do the directly affects a life?

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  1. David M. says:

    THanks for this. I was starting my fifth gallon of whole blood a few years back, when I switched to apherises. I have received the random letter where the Red Cross personally thanked me for a “save” by having an exact match.

    Then in a great irony, I got cancer myself. While I never needed a transfusion, the idea of the big “circle of life” wasn’t lost on me. I’m better now, but I may never donate again. Thanks for picking up the slack!

    Another Scouter
    Boston Minuteman Council


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