A Scout is Kind

A Scout is Kind.This weekend was the Pioneer District Camporee.  It was Elliot’s first Campout with T432 in Boyscouts.

For several reasons overnight, Elliot did not have a good morning.  I had to teach ITOLS and the Troop assigned a Scout to be with him.  One of the great things about Scouting is that people do take the time to be with and help others.  I saw it in action.  Several Scouts and Scouters did check in with him and helped as needed. Yes, this is his first time at a Camporee, but it wasn’t his first time at Scout Camp.

At the suggestion of a fellow Scouter, we were pointed to the pond area where fishing was being set-up.  The gentleman, whom I know, graciously spent 15-20 minutes with Elliot to help teach him how to cast.  Ellliot already knows how to fish, but really likes it.  The Scouter spent his time to help Elliot feel better and improve his casting.

It was later in the day that Elliot buzzed by asking me for my chair and saying he was going to go fishing again.  Someone had caught a big fish and he was going to try.  It ended up that he went whittling by the pond.

This photo is of that moment. A Scout is Kind.

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