Ticket Update 2013

prioritiesdemotivator  In looking at posts from last year, I found a post about my 2012 Goals that I created.  These are based around my Wood Badge Training.  I realized that I have not communicated an update for a very very long time.

Please read the post so you get the gist of what I was trying to carry out with these ticket items.

1)Lose Weight: Target date missed by a mile.  I really wanted to lose weight.  I am basically the same as I was then.  I went on Medifast for 90 days and really lost weight.  However, in the end, I did not meet my goal.  I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.

2) Get new Cubmaster  & Ast Cubmaster.  I got a Cubmaster and she’s off to Wood Badge 2013. (Which as of this posting the 2nd weekend is this weekend. She is an Owl!)  I did not get an ACM, but that’s ok.   The switchover was on April 6th.

3) Training Plan for Pioneer District.  I am still working on that.  This weekend actually we are holding ITOLS at the Camporee.  The District stopped doing that about 10 years ago.  The Council via a Task Force is working on getting more people Trained.  So, this is a work in process.  I am happy with the way this is going overall.   I have also teamed-up with another District to put on/host a Cubscout Den/Pack Training Day in the fall.  They did it last year and I was very happy of how it went.

4) The Bobwhite Patrol of W1-492-11 and getting their Beads!  Very happy to report that six out of seven earned their Beads.  One Bobwhite went onto staff W1-492-12 as a Troop Guide.  Very happy!

As for the other goals that were not a Ticket Item.  I have signed up as a Merit Badge Counselor for Ham Radio, Chess and Graphic Arts.  I am playing more with my Ham Radio.  Last year during a Cubmaster Hike during JOTA I brought the Radio with me and we worked a few stations.

So, two of my ticket items were met and finished.  Two are needing work.   Wood Badge  is never over.  You complete a ticket, create a new one and move on.

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Current Skyloo District Commissioner Current Skyloo District & Council Trainer Current Council Member at Large (Cascade Pacific Council) Former Tiger DL & CM of P221 in Pioneer District Former Skyloo District CS Roundtable Commissioner. Former Ast Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communication Former Pioneer District Training Chair WE1-492-09 Beaver W1-492-11 Bobwhite TG ASM Logistic W1-492-17-2
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2 Responses to Ticket Update 2013

  1. Deaf Scouter & Eagle Mom says:

    Who says ticket items have to stay WoodBadge? Why not reset another goal for ticket 1 and bring more on board for accountability? Sparkspeople is a great free site with lots of tools where you can do a Scouter Council/ District group or use Roundtable as a check in point. Doing those before and after pics are a GREAT motivator in keeping it off.


  2. Carl Yergen says:

    So true Adam, Woodbadge is about learning to set goals AND finish them. Just because that first ticket earns your beads doesn’t mean you stop.


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