The Scout Rank

Scout-RankWith anything, there is a starting point.  In Cubscouts, it is the Bobcat Rank.  It’s the rank that helps the Cubscout start to understand the culture of Scouting.  He continues on this path with much guidance in the beginning and less so as he reaches the Arrow of Light Rank.

In Boyscout, the joining rank is called Scout.  It is much like the Bobcat Rank, but it really symbolizes the official break from Cubscouts.  While the Arrow of Light ceremony is the celebration of that achievement. The Scout rank seals the deal.

Tonight, Elliot and his buddy achieved the rank of Scout in Troop 432.  He’s off to Tenderfoot.  I was not there for this, due to work.  But, that’s ok.  It’s his journey.  I am just as proud of him as I was when he earned Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos & Arrow of Light.   But, this rank he did on his own.  Ok, with a little coaching because he does not know the rules.  I told him, he needed to ask for the Scoutmaster Conference.  He did.

Now, I get to tell him to go ask his Patrol Leader or the Senior Patrol Leader!

<update 10:11pm PST> Just got off the phone with him. Said the Troop meeting was boring. But, then said, they played Simon Sez, Chopped Wood, worked on stoves. Said they are working on something called a Chit….Like Whittlin Chit? Yeah…but with an Axe. Dad, you can’t Chop Wood with a Knife! (Oh…whoops) He finally got Totin Chit said.

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