JOTT and National Trail Days

JOTT-16In the coming Months there are two events that EVERY SCOUT GROUP should take part in.
The first is Jamboree on the Trail.  It is on May 11th.   I have written about this event many times over the years.  I also was part of my reason to create and start the Cubmaster’s Hike.

I really like the Jamboree on the Trail since it’s a unoffical World Jamboree that started in Canada.  I have gotten the Pack 221 Scouts out on this day a couple of times.   There are so many reasons to get OUTSIDE and see nature.  It’s one of the main purposes of Scouting.  During my first Board of Review on my first night at Elliot’s new Troop, a question was put to the 2nd Class Scout who was going for his 1st Class Rank.   “What do you like about Scouting?”   Answer: “I like Camping.  I don’t do it enough with my family.”   Hiking will help with Nature-Deficit Disorder!

ntd-2012-patchThe second Outdoors Event that you can earn a Patch for, is National Trails Day.  It’s more of a USA Day and not a World Jamboree.  It is also not Scout Centered.  This is set for Saturday June 1st.  There is a lot more organization with this Patch.   JOTT does not have anything really planned like National Trails Day.  JOTT just wants you on the trail or nature having a good time.  National Trails has a lot of events planned.  It’s only in the USA however.  You can still create your own if you wanted.  I would suggest looking at the article by Bryan on Scouting for more info.

The great thing about both of these events is that it helps you connect to nature.  Look at your Scout Handbook and look at what requirements this will help with.  Hiking, Forrester, Wildlife Conservation, Naturalist and so many others.

If you’re not in Scouting….go out for a hike.  Just make sure that you bring the 10 Essentials, know where your going, coming home and let others know what you’re doing.  I don’t want to see you on the TV for getting lost!

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