Infastructure Reflection Pt#3

Every Scout Unit has a Committee.  The Pack is no different.  The BSA National Website has this to say about a Pack Committee:
“A strong pack committee will have members assigned to such areas as record keeping and correspondence, finances, advancement, training, public relations, and membership and registration. The pack committee chair decides how the responsibilities should be divided and gives committee members assignments.”

In our Pack, it’s really the Chair, Treasurer and myself.  The Cubmaster.  There are others who help with projects such as Wreath Sales and Blue & Gold.  Many of the Den Leaders take on other projects but their main job is their Den.

It’s a tad lope-sided since the work is really done by a few.  While the Parents who were not a Den Leader did help out as Committee Members, many I think were pulled away by other work commitments, charity work or just did not get that .  I suspect that some are also not sure about what to do or nervous about what it all entails.

I need to  point out that the Webelos II Families really put in a lot of work during their son’s time in the Pack.  I saw it.  It is hard sometimes for the parents to see what goes on behind the scene that “helps the Pack GO.”  We have tried to include as many as we can.  My hope is that those who are still in the Pack, step-up and keep going forward.  This next year is a rebuilding year.  Forming, Norming, Storming & Performing!

I can say that there are a few key people who put their best foot forward to help carry it forward for the Scouts.  If it were not for them, this Pack would have had a lot more issues than just the Program.  We worked out both fundraising and financial based issues.  Much of this was cobbled together after looking at how other Scout Units handle their affairs.  This also included a Pack Parent Guide.  Again, these internal operating documents are a good Wood Badge ticket item.

It was in the last two years of the Pack, that we actually had an Annual Planning Meeting.  The first was about 2-3 hours.  The last was about five hours.  This is part of the Pack Journey to Excellence program.

The Annual Planning Meeting really did help create a set list of events and Pack Meetings we wanted to hold and carry out.  It really is a vital part of the Scout Unit.  Figuring out this part of the infrastructure is a catalyst to recruiting new Scouts, but also showing the Parents you know whats going on.  It will help recruit them to be a Den Leader or Committee Member.  Even your replacement.

While the Pack Committee is vastly different in what going on from a Troop Committee, there are a lot of overlapping policy and rules that are just the same.  For that, I will point you to two resources that has helped me a lot.  The first is a blog from Bobwhite Blather.  The link provided shows all the posts about a Troop Committee.  The next one is of him appearing on  Scout Circle is a spin-off of the website.

Overall, a well run Committee can easily support a Scout Unit.  Our Pack Committee has weathered many a stormy situation and has learned and grown from it.

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