It’s the Program Reflection Pt#2

AkelaMowgliMy original plan for being the Cubmaster was for just two years and then become the Webelos Den Leader for the remaining time.  My goal was to get the Pack on course and pointed in the correct path and step-down.  I am not sure when it was during my tenure as Cubmaster, but I realized that what the Pack needed was consistency.  I do not know much of the history of the Pack before 2008 and how it operated, but it was not strong.

I took over as Cubmaster in April 2009 and attended Wood Badge in the fall.  I was beaded in March 2010.  Yes, it was a quick set of items for the Ticket, but they were completed.  It was geared towards the Pack and making it stronger and more traditional.

What my Wood Badge Ticket and University of Scouting classes have taught me is that consistency is a good thing and having a program is very important.  Getting out and doing things creates fun and retention.  Without that, you have nothing.

With all of this change, Committee Meetings started to happen more often.   I kept pushing them and getting us together.  Winging it isn’t an option.  Sometimes it would just be a few Den Leaders or Committee Members.  Now, it’s both.

The planning started to happen because I wanted to have Summertime Pack Events, Bike Rodeo, Raingutter Regatta, Den Chiefs, Hikes, Outings, Overnights.  One of the best things to come out of all this was my quest to have the Scouts earn the Emergency preparedness Pin.  While no one in the Pack since I have started has earned it, we incorporated a lot of fun into the Pack Meetings.  One of our most fun is the First Aid Pack Meeting.  We have had Combat Medics, Ambulances, Boy Scouts, Search & Rescue come to help put it on.  Some of the Scouts still have & use their Emergency Kit that they made the first year. IMG_4839

The photo is of a Pack Meeting that was “geared” toward cooperation and imagination.  The goal was to have the boxes, tubes, tape and other items made into a Robot.  The Scouts were broken up into groups that had Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos I & II.  It was not a Den vs Den set-up.  Scouts had to work with others that they did not know.  They had to help each other.  This group actually used a Scout and built a Cyborg.  They used their imagination and cooperated to get a task done.  I took this right out of the Pack Meeting plans and also Wood Badge.  A Game with a Purpose.

These style events is what I wanted to do.  It continued for the next four years with events like this.  I even started holding Pack Meetings outside.  This is after the U of Scouting class that I took called “Putting the OUTing in scOUTing!”  Map & Compass with a Geocache style hunt.

Yes, I did want to be Webelos Den Leader, but I found that being the Cubmaster help me with creating consistency within the Pack.  It also helped me recruit Tiger Cubs and Tiger Den Leaders and volunteers.

The program was happening and it attracted a lot of boys to the Pack.  I believe when Elliot started there was about 25-30 Scouts.  At the time of the 2013 Crossover, there are 57.  A lot of boys have come, crossover, or dropped but the Pack has grown.

Program Program Program

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2 Responses to It’s the Program Reflection Pt#2

  1. Deaf Scouter & Eagle Mom says:

    Me TOO on this was a trip down memory lane. My first Pack experience with my son was in a Pack with good program planning so I never saw the impact of ‘GREAT’ programming planning. My second experience was exactly like what you wrote. Cubmaster really do have loads of work but can take a Pack from a little nothing to a community known organization that EVERYONE wants to join. I was glad to be back in Cub Scouting sharing the love of ScOUTING and FUN program planning. The more hands on you do the better for those Cubs. I incorporated even more hands on the secod time because I had access to Troop stuff along with having much of my own camp gear. My den loved learning their knots while setting up a tent.


  2. So Cal Glenn says:

    Holy Smokes! I thought I was just reading my own journal! Everything is the same except I have 20 months left until my son bridges and I am now starting look for my replacement as Cubmaster. I can’t wait to see how you did it!


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