My Reflection Pt#1

58195p2Within Wood Badge and any training, there is a Stop, Start and Continue section.  It is also called Rose, Buds & Thorns at the Troop level.  After many courses there is a 360.  This is my Start, Stop, Continue, Rose, Bud, Thorn and 360 of my past five years as I see it.

My goal within Cubscouts really was to follow my son and make sure that he had a good time.  It was also a way to include time with him.  That was and still is important.  I quickly realized I did not have a clue about being a Tiger Den Leader was all about.  The Training I took both in person and online were of no great help.  I took to the Interwebs and found a whole host of places to get what I needed.

This is after I quickly realized that there is a Tiger Handbook and that there are requirements!  Mind you, this was all before the new Den Meeting plans came out from National.  Had I seen those, I would have incorporated them.  Looking back at it now, the Tigers got to KGW TV Station, a Fire Station and California Pizza Kitchen for fun.  The latter was for the Nutrition aspect of the requirements.  Plus, it was a good Go-See-it.  DSC_2763

The one website that I latched onto was The Boyscout Trail.  I used this as my guide.  It had games, songs and skits just to name a few.  I emailed this out to every parent and it was my bible.  I still use it to this day.

It was towards the end of the Tiger Year that I discovered Roundtable.  I have gone ever since.  Only to miss a few due to Wood Badge, Wood Badge beadings and work.  It was there, during the Cubscout Roundtable Breakout that I learned a lot of what I needed to know.  It put me on the path of making a good year for the Tigers.

Discovering the Tiger Den Leader Knot, helped me focus on what I needed to know and do.

Looking back, I realize how tough a Tiger Den Leader can have it when they know nothing about Scouting.  It has been my goal to make it easier for them.  Hence, the Tiger Den Leader Knot to me is very important.

Next up: Being Cubmaster

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