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IMG_0580  March 16th was the Cascade Pacific Council’s Commissioner’s College.  I love training and for $10 I got a patch and lunch to boot!  I am not a Commissioner, but I went anyway.  I went to this training for several reasons.  First, I love learning new things.  Second, I am thinking about my next career within Scouting. Finally, I know nothing about what it is like to be a Commissioner and this is a group of people who I have not really interacted with yet.

This Commissioner’s College had a class that was not always offered.  It is the Roundtable Commissioner Basic Course.  This is good timing since there is a recent change from National about the Roundtable Staff.  Read the link to better understand the changes.  What I know is apparently in Cascade Pacific, we have done this for a while for the Staff positions.  Yeah Us!

I took this class because it seems that everyone gripes about how lame Roundtable is and was.  Albeit, not all Roundtables are boring, but they so can be.  Getting people to Roundtable for their breakout is pretty hard.  There are various reasons.  Single Parent, Employment, Family, Unit Meetings, Committee Meetings on same night and no perceived value.  The above mentioned website for changes has the 11 recommendations.  All of which could and can work.

The two great things really that came out of this day long training for Roundtable was first,the sharing of ideas and issues.  Secondly, I realized that while every District does something a bit different, we all had the same issue.  Providing a program that would attract more people.   Out of 13 Districts within the Council, only 4-5 were represented.  None of my District’s Roundtable people where there.  In fact, the ADC and a UC were the other only ones in attendance overall.  It was my thought that someone from Roundtable should have been there from each District.

I learned a lot of great things to do at Roundtable.  I wish our District would carry out 10% of them.  I learned that it’s all about the PROGRAM.  Each Scout Program is responsible for the activities.  With that, the Programming comes from the Cascade Pacific Roundtable Commissioner’s meeting each month.  The Boyscout Roundtable Commissioner is new by two months.  He is awesome.  I learned so much from him.  The Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner’s are well established and have monthly CPCBSA Webminars if your unable to drive 2 hours one way to Portland.  I have just learned about these, so I will update later.  I am thinking that they are a long the same lines as  The CPCBSA seminar’s seem to be hosted on, but I am wondering if they use Google+.   So, I am excited about this.  These meetings are open to any and all…;)

I have always taken something away from every course that I go to.  The Roundtable Commissioner Course was great.  A lot of basic info, but a lot of networking, finding new resources and other hidden gems.

I also realized, that any training is good training.  The training might be really bad and you learned nothing of value, but you realize that you’re doing it right.  The training might also be an eye opener making you realize your on the wrong path and you make corrections right then.  Finally, it might be training you might have already taken years before.  But you take it and realize there are new and different ways and even information to help you.  Again, take training.   I did, and I learned.

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