The 4T Trail Hike

4T_logo_65  The Webelos II recently took their last outing/hike of their Cubscout career.  It was to make sure that everyone got the requirement of taking a Day  Hike.  Which, really was part of the Outdoorsman Pin.  Most of the Scouts did a Hike at Summer camp.  This hike completed #9 of the Outdoorsman Activity Pin.  Yes, you are reading it correctly, there are two hikes that are needed within the Arrow of Light Requirements.

The Webelos Den Leader chose the 4T Trail Hike here in Portland, Oregon.  It is an urban hike and a lot of fun.  Here are some photos and thoughts on our 4T Hike.  I highly suggest you go to the 4T Trail Website and research it for yourself.  That website has a lot more description on the trip.


I will say that this isn’t a hike for very young kids.  I almost brought my 8-year-old daughter on the trip.  She would have been OK, but I might have ended up carrying her towards the end.  That is unless your family hikes a lot. The Scouts were incredibly tired at the end of the hike.

TramclosedFirst up is the trip from OHSU Tram staging area to Downtown Portland by trolley.  You will notice in the picture that the Tram was closed when we went on Sunday.  If you do the trip between May 18th and Sept 14th, it’s closed on Sundays.  We still opted to go, because, BE PREPARED is a motto!  All the best laid plans do not always work.  We were to hike to the OHSU Tram up top and then ride down to here.  We hiked it all.

trollyThe trolley ride was fun, you will need to buy your trolley tickets that also double as Max Train tickets before getting on board.  We had a lot of parents with us, so Two-Deep Leadership wasn’t a problem.  However,  we needed to keep the Adults at the front, middle of back of the group since we are in Public Areas.  No issues, but something to be aware of.

The trolley and Train were the easiest of all the sections.

TrainThe Train from Downtown to the Zoo, itself was just like the trolley. Fun and Easy.  The Train put you at the Oregon Zoo.

We did have a pit stop at the Zoo for a few moments and also to explain more about the highwayhiking section of the

outing.  Main point was, we were hiking across the parking lot, cross walks, over the highway and down a highway on ramp.  The whole time we talked about “Have a Buddy!”

We finally got to the trail head and the Scouts were off hiking.  This commenced the 4.1 miles of hiking to Council Crest and to the bottom of the Tram.

The Scouts did a very good job of hiking and listening.  We talked about many subjects along the way and we all are very proud of them for completing it.  It was a good way to end the Journey to Arrow of Light.

The last leg of the trip, was by Tram.  Since it was closed, we did not take it.  However, it’s a great leg of the trip.

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