The Rope Ladder

RopeladderThe other day Elliot came to me while I was working in my office asking for rope.  Oh, wonderful.  I wonder what he’s up to now.

After several questions, he told me he wanted to build a rope ladder.   Puzzled, I kept asking why.  Mom chimed in saying, at least he will be OUTSIDE on not on the computer.  OK.. Go get rope.

Still perplexed, he started asking more questions, which led to “I need a drill!”  Ok, now he’s getting technical and I need to see what’s what.

We talked more about it and I said, you need to learn Knots.  It’s better with knots.  You will need to tie the top to something so you can climb UP.  I showed him the Scout Handbook that he has and left him to it.

I later found him outside, with the 100 ft of rope tied up in the package, in his pants and he’s eyeing a tree outside the window.  Clearly, he’s on his own guided discovery.

Sensing danger, I came out and started asking more questions.  He explained what he wanted to do.  I said, that the place he has picked is not good.  There was a raised flower bed below the limb that had 90 degree angles and were sharp.  Also the limb wasn’t the greatest.

I explained again, that he needed to learn the knots, and that the large metal swing set would be a way better site to test and build the rope ladder.   He was mad that I was saying no.  I had to explain that, I never said no he could not build it, but that I was pointing out hazards.  I asked him if he saw what I was seeing.  He agreed.

While, he did not even really start the rope ladder project, he realized that there are steps to make it safe and secure.  I also found several websites/videos on how to create a Rope Ladder.  The project is still alive.  I am glad he’s interested in doing something like this.  He might get into Pioneering..;)

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Scout Pioneering  Indoor Ladder
Pirate Rope Ladder

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