The Last Webelos II Den Meeting

Well, the last Webelos II Den Meeting is in the books.  We have a hike and a Pack Meeting and then AOL/Crossover.  Tonight was the LNT review, how to build a campfire (on school property so, we didn’t really start one), reviewed the basics for joining a Troop.  We also handed out a lot of Webelos Activity Pins and talked about the Troops we visited.  T41, T221, T127, T150, T432, T230 & T110.  That is up from earlier years.  By a lot, at lest 125%.  The boys also played Winker and Steal the Bacon.  The latter was the most fun, I think.  We played with the Webelos I Den.  32 days left in Cub scouts.

I got into a brief chat with one Scout who says he remembers the first meetings as a Tiger and how small he was.  Odd that he remembers that.  I hope he comes on the hike.  I am thinking that I will ask the boys what they remember from Tigers till now.  It’s something that I am thinking about since I have a few moments at Crossover to sum-up their journey.

There is a core group of seven that started as Tigers.  They all will get AOL.   One of them is lite on a couple of requirements, but will get AOL if he does the Hike and Troop visit this week.

The two that joined as Bears, will get AOL. The two that joined this fall, one could get AOL if he pushes, the other will not.  He’s in it for the adventure.  He’s Dad wanted him to experience it.

Of the seven, there really is a core group of six.  Summer Camp each year, going to go-see-its and a lot of events.  They are there.  The last two years saw a friend join, so that’s the Core Seven from the Bear year.

It seems like that most will move onto a Troop.  While they are all special and genuine in their own way, I heard from one that he likes the small Troops better.  You can stand out more in those instead of being lost.

So, even that it’s the last Den Meeting, it is just another stop long their Journey within Scouting.

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