A Scouting Tradition

This Monday night was the Pack’s Blue & Gold.  Our Pack has been around for since 1951.  We have had many Blue & Golds celebrations.  However, as of late, we have been pretty lax on them.  It changed on Monday night.

The theme in the back of my head was Tradition.  I spoke to everyone about how Scouting in the US was started.  I spoke about how we had certain traditions that we do and why.

The Den Leaders then after a while broke into song.  Der Top Knocker was the first.  Second was the our guest of honor and many of the Den Leaders.  We sang “if I were not a cubscout”.  It was a huge hit.  The guest of honor played the statue.  I played a Preacher!

Then, it was time for our Guest of Honor and Speaker for the night.  I invited my fellow Beaver and Wood Badger, Jerry Schleining to speak.  When I first asked, it turned out that Monday was his birthday.  But, he came anyway.  He didn’t have to.  His wife Theresa came as well, and I am glad she did.

I wanted the Scouts, Parents and Leaders to hear about his Scouting Journey.  He ended up speaking about the little purple patch and his experience from being in the Trans Atlantic Council to Cubscouts and Boy Scouts.  He spoke about Wood Badge and his current position.  He also wove in a story about his son who is in the Army and how Scouting helped him.  He also spoke about that staying in Scouting is a good thing and why.  He spoke to the Parents to help the boys  stay in and the benefits.  While,  I had heard this before, it was good to see him tell it.  It was good for this Pack to hear it.

After his talk, I brought him back out and explained to the Pack that since it’s the BSA’s Birthday that we need to sing Happy Birthday.  But, I also explained, that Jerry took the time also on his Birthday to be with us. The Pack did not know that he did it.  So, we sang to Jerry as well.

After the speech, we handed out the Journey to Excellence Gold Award patches.  I told the Pack, that this is our fourth year earning it.  Two at Quality Unit Award.  I told them, that because of what they do, they earned it.  I also told them that out of 15 Packs, we are of but Two that earned Gold.  Another Tradition.

Our wonderful Blue & Gold Chair, Donna Marie, then brought everyone up and gave a quick talk about how she believes in Scouting and that it’s the parents/leaders that help make it go.  She and Jerry I know did not consult on notes.  It was great.  She got the entire Pack to stand and clap.

So, before the Closing Flag and a couple of songs, the Committee Chair asked for a moment.

On Monday, he awarded me on behalf of Pack 221, the Unit Leader of Merit Award.  My time in the Cubscout Pack is ending and this really means a lot.  I choked back the tears that were forming and I thanked him, the Leaders, the boys and parents.  Told them that I love Scouting and Pack 221 and that I would always be around.

Again, a Tradition.

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