Trainer’s EDGE 2013

This weekend was Trainer’s EDGE in Cascade Pacific Council, in the Pioneer District.  There were about 26 participants who got either certified or re-certified for three years.  Eight of the participants are incoming Troop Guides for the W1-492-13 Wood Badge Course this year.  Five participants were from the Pioneer District who needed for certification and/or wanted to take it.  There were some who thought it would be good to have since they train within their Scout Unit or just wanted it.  We did have one Scouter from out of Council come, but he was staff for Wood Badge in his Council.

Those who presented during Trainer’s EDGE are Wood Badgers and some are on the current course this spring.  So, for many of us, it was a reunion.  The rest of us, we got to make a lot more friends.  That is the one good thing about going to Trainings.  You see your friends.  You see the people who are dedicated to the Scouting Program and know the value of it.

So, what does Trainer’s EDGE actually do for you?  Soon MYSCOUTING.ORG will have the H96 code in it and your set for three years.
Trainer’s EDGE helps the participant learn how to be a better speaker and presenter.  It’s not just for Wood Badge, Scout Units but also in everyday life and even work related.    During class, the tools of better speaking are explained, demonstrated, and then done and then the participant does.  EDGE.  We learn how to control the audience, how to help the audience be comfortable and how to be realize what we are doing during a presentation.  Are we nervous, do we stutter, pace.  We also talk about being ready, being a subject matter expert and practicing our talk.  We also talk about how to have and instill FUN into presentations.  I do not think that humor was ever lost on anyone during the day.

Each time I take this class, I learn more and more about how to be better.  I also learn more about the Scouting Program and how it’s supposed to be delivered.  The side conversations that were had were greatly helpful.  I got to know people better.

I know that I think that I am a good speaker.  But, I also know that I need more practice and to do things differently.  Trainer’s EDGE helped me with that.
There were many great quotes and sayings that happened during this time.  I wish that I had written them down.  Those are classics.

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  1. Steve says:

    It was a fun class. You guys did a good job keeping it lighthearted and informative. I’m very glad it allowed for previous experience while allowing for growth of everyone.

    I was part of Sharon’s car full.


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