During the Pin College, I saw one of my old Webelos II from last year.  He was a kid that never wore a shirt and talked back a bit.   Now, he’s a good kid and he worked his way through earning everything he needed to for Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light.    I did not really know him well, but as any good Cubmaster, I looked after him as best as I could.

Fast forward to this weekend, I saw him again.  Same face and smile.  But he had a full Class A Uniform and Troop Scarf.  I told him hello and that it was good to see him.  I seem to remember that I was glad to see him in uniform.   He then came up and showed me the Woggle that I made him and the Pack back in October 2011.  I made the Turkshead for every Scout that year.  I did a small ceremony that I inducted everyone into the Pack and the World Brotherhood of Scouting.  I told them, everyone including the Adults are part of the World Brotherhood of Scouting.  We are all friends no matter where we are.

This Scout showed me that Woggle.  I shook his hand and he was beaming.   Soon after the Scoutmaster told me that he asked him about the Woggle.  He said the Scout told him “Mr Cox made that for me.”  Also relating that he is very proud of that Woggle.

Something stuck with that Scout that day.  That makes me happy.  Remember, your actions will come back to you.  Sometimes sooner than later.  But, they do.

I need to make more Woggles!

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