Pin College for Webelos II

IMG_0207  This weekend was a Webelos Pin College at Troop 127.  Five Webelos II from Pack 221 attended.  Last year’s Webelos IIs did the same.   I think that four or five Webelos are still there out of seven.  My Webelos II Den Leader is now the Advancement Chair and the Assistant is also a ASM.   A lot of the Scouts are now closing in on Second Class if not First Class.  It is a medium-sized Troop for the area.

Of our five Webelos, one really needed a lot of the Activity Pins.  He joined this year and is working through the Webelos Badge.  I know he will attain both the Webelos and Arrow of Light Rank by Crossover.  The other four Webelos II were there for the experince as well.  Though, they completed the Engineer and Showman Activity Pins.  The other two were Readyman and Geologist.  The Webelos who already had the Readyman re-took it.  It explained that a refresher is always good to go through.  I have to for various training.

The overnight/Lock-in consisted of the Activity Pin work, games and a movie.  They even had the local police come to visit.  To which, they told the Scouts that they had a complaint of loud noises..:)   The two police officers said that they would be coming around the church a couple of times tonight just to make sure everything was secure.

Between the first Pin session and the start of the movie, the Troop put on a Movie about themselves, what they did and also talked to the Parents about who they are.   It was your basic recruitment.  Lots of good information.  While I know the Scoutmaster and several of the Adults, this was good info.

IMG_0205I was able to ask the Scoutmaster to sit down with the Webelos II from Pack 221 for a Scoutmaster’s Conference.  While I saw it happen, I have no idea what was said.  Which is just fine.  I am glad to have that done.  It also got the Webelos to understand more about the Troop.

Overall, it was a good night.  The boys had fun, learned skills and started their step on the trail within Scouting.   I did ask them in the parking lot about Boy Scouts.  Of the three that was there, they had positive things to say.   They really do not know what Troop they want, since they flip-flop from the two that they have seen thus far.  But the discussion has started.

I did ask one Scout if he wanted to continue.  He stated that he did.  I asked why.  He said it was fun and that he wanted to give back to the Community.  That surprised me.  I asked why.  He said, that Boy Scouts allows you to do more than he normally would.  Boys surprise you everyday.

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