My Thoughts Part II

mop_logoBack in July 2012, I wrote a post about what I thought on the BSA National re-affirmation of its policy on Gays.  I still believe in what I wrote then as I do now.  Today, the BSA put out a statement on how it’s going to decide on the matter in the coming days.

My friend Arlen summed up his thoughts on his blog.  I cannot add any better thoughts outside of what he wrote and what I said earlier.  Please read Arlen’s post.

I will close with what I posted on my earlier post on what Lord Baden-Powell’s vision of Scouting (world-wide) should be.

Besides, it was the goal of Sir Robert Baden-Powell the founder of Scouting as he wrote in 1917:  “The roots of Scouting have grown among young people of all civilised countries and are developing more each day. It might be thought that if in years to come, a considerable proportion of the future citizens of each nation forms part of this brotherhood, they will be joined by a bond of personal friendship and mutual understanding such as has never existed before, which will help to find a solution to terrible international conflicts.”  Thus, Messenger’s of Peace.

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